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Frisco, McKinney rank 8 and 13 respectively on the safest suburbs in the US list

Frisco, Texas – In a recently published study by SmartAsset, Frisco and McKinney emerge among the 15 most secure suburban territories in the United States, despite not clinching the highest ranks.

SmartAsset, renowned for its comprehensive analysis, designated these locales as premier spots on its safest city hierarchy, although they did not parallel their standing in the secure suburban categorization, falling slightly short of the topmost positions.

The study’s parameters extended to 370 suburban regions, each within a drivable distance of 15 to 45 minutes from the 100 most populous US cities. These included areas with a minimum population of 5,000, the metrics for evaluation being violent crime rate, property crime rate, vehicular mortality rate, drug poisoning mortality rate, and the proportion of the population indulging in excessive alcohol consumption. These rates were adjusted per 100,000 residents to ensure uniformity across the board.

It’s worth mentioning that the study also gauged safety across the 200 largest cities nationwide utilizing identical safety metrics, thus providing a well-rounded view of security at the city and suburban levels.

When it came to the safety index of the suburbs, Frisco secured the eighth position, while McKinney found its place at number thirteen. While impressive, their rankings were curtailed by relatively higher rates of property and violent crimes compared to the other suburban areas featured on the list. Nonetheless, it’s important to underscore that Frisco and McKinney continue to rank among the safest suburban spaces nationwide.

In the backdrop of their safety accolades, both these communities are also witnessing significant expansion. The ongoing surge in the construction of both single-family homes and multi-dwelling units in Frisco and McKinney stands testament to this. In fact, these areas have emerged as preferred relocation destinations, particularly for adults under 40, further propelling their growth and raising their profile on the national map.

Elsewhere in North Texas, SmartAsset rated the followed cities:

  • Denton ranked at No. 168.
  • Ennis ranked at No. 193.
  • Tying with Fallbrook, California, DeSoto ranked at No. 226.

To the south near Austin, Georgetown took the No. 26 spot, and Round Rock trailed at No. 59.

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