Frisco school zones undergo major changes for the upcoming academic year

Frisco, Texas – In a bid to effectuate meaningful alterations to school zone regulations, the Frisco Independent School District’s (FISD) low-velocity zones will undergo significant transformation as the new academic year commences in August.

Frisco school zones undergo major changes for the upcoming academic year

On July 3rd, Frisco City Council members gave their sanction to an exhaustively updated roster of all FISD school zones for the impending 2023-24 academic year. This approval embodies a panoply of adjustments, which incorporate additions, modifications, or even the omission of specific sites and schedules pertaining to the implementation of speed limitations throughout the district.

A noteworthy modification announced pertains to the incorporation of FISD’s latest educational establishment, Wilkinson Middle School, due to commence operations this coming August. Elucidating the impending alterations, the city council furnished a representative exemplification:

Panther High School’s current domain will experience an expansion to incorporate the freshly constructed campus. This enlargement will extend the school zone to encompass fragments of Championship Drive and Dakotah Drive, as detailed in the documents produced during the council gathering.

Furthermore, consequential alterations have also been proposed for the school zones of Gunstream Elementary School and Wester Middle School. As per the revised schema, these zones will now conclude at a newly positioned traffic signal at the junction of Coit Road and Cano Road, in accordance with the council session documents.

Interestingly, Wortham Intermediate School, which is also scheduled to swing open its doors in August, found no mention in the discussed updates.

For a comprehensive inventory of all approved location and temporal alterations, the council directs the public to two valuable resources. The first being a compiled list of amendments accessible online, and the second a cartographic representation assembled by the city’s administrative personnel.

To facilitate a more personalized search, FISD residents are granted the ability to use the district’s school zone locator, a tool that provides information on the school zone designated for their respective residences.

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