From Bryan Adams to STEM Scholar: Che’la W Achieves Grad Goals

Che’la W. will soon walk across the graduation stage, holding hands with her twin brother just like they have during many milestones they’ve faced together. But on this particular day, they’ll have to say goodbye to each other as Che’la leaves Dallas to embark on an incredible journey—studying at Texas Christian University on a full-ride scholarship.

“I feel like the moment will hit me when I’m on stage. My life is changing, along with my twin, and we won’t be together for much longer,” Che’la lovingly expressed.

Earlier this year, Che’la achieved the dream she had always yearned for: to be seen. She received a STEM scholarship from Texas Christian University, which is notably one of the university’s most comprehensive programs providing academic support and leadership development to students from underrepresented populations.

“The scholarship is for underrepresented people in the STEM field, but I feel underrepresented in a different sense. I participate in a lot of activities, and I work really hard, but colleges don’t always notice that. TCU did,” Che’la articulated with an astonishing sense of pride.

Che’la had applied and was accepted to various universities, but TCU’s STEM Scholar program offers a full four-year scholarship. With it, Che’la will be able to receive a great education while standing on her own.

Che’la’s academic excellence is, in part, strongly attributed to the exceptional educational system at Bryan Adams High School Leadership Academy. Throughout her four years of high school, she participated in more than a dozen student activities such as the dance team, track, choir, creative writing club, and the National Honor Society. These were all instrumental in shaping Che’la’s tenacity and brilliant spirit.

During her time at Bryan Adams, Che’la says that she wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the unwavering support of her dedicated teachers like Daniel Forsythe. “I’ve never had the honor of teaching Che’la in class, but I’ve had the privilege to see her excel at every point of her academic journey here at BA. The tiniest person in the room had the biggest personality. She helped break the ice and got everyone talking. I was so grateful for her,” Forsythe praised.

Her incredible spirit of selflessness that Forsythe spoke of is precisely what Che’la cherishes and which she seeks to maintain even in college where she plans to study psychology. The path she plans to follow is one that will enable her to help people in her community, her passion for making a difference is what drives her forward.

Che’la is excited to continue paving the way for herself while helping those around her. She fondly recalls the sense of belonging and support she felt within her school community and emphasizes the importance of such connections. As she gets ready to embark on her college journey, Che’la is positively imagining the opportunities that lie ahead. Although she acknowledges the bittersweet feeling of leaving familiarity behind, she is excited to stand on her own two feet and make a positive difference in the world.

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