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From California to Texas, Thermomix moves headquarters in Dallas

Dallas, Texas – In a strategic pivot emblematic of shifting corporate landscapes, Thermomix, a vanguard in the manufacturing of Wi-Fi-enabled kitchen appliances, disclosed plans last Friday to translocate its global headquarters from Thousand Oaks, California, to an unspecified location in Dallas, Texas.

Company’s relocation decision was announced in Austin last week

This revelation was made during an exclusive gathering of the company’s elite sales force in Austin, as per an official announcement disseminated by the firm.

“We are excited to root ourselves in the rich tapestry of Texas, fuel our long-term future and heat up an appreciation for the world of home cooking in new and exciting ways,” Fredrik Lundqvist, the company’s CEO for the U.S. and Canada, said in a prepared statement.

Thermomix didn’t specify the location in Dallas

The enterprise, which garnered in excess of $30 million in sales across the United States during the preceding fiscal year, refrained from specifying the precise Dallas location to which they will imminently migrate.

However, the announcement avowed that the consummation of this relocation is slated for completion by the end of the current calendar year.

Thermomix didn’t provide additional details on number of employees

Neither delineating the quantum of employment opportunities to be generated nor the volume of roles subject to transference, the recent disclosure was notably reticent on the workforce implications of Thermomix’s impending migration. Nevertheless, intertwined with this geographical transposition is an audacious roadmap intended to galvanize the company’s U.S. revenue streams, the company said.

Lundqvist added that the state of Texas emerged as an incontrovertible frontrunner during our methodical selection process for a new headquarters given Texas’s longstanding legacy as a hospitable terrain for direct-sales enterprises.

“We greatly admire the state’s deep history with building connection and culture through food, and for the way Texas supports entrepreneurs and innovative businesses such as Thermomix,” he said in his prepared remarks.

Implementing a unique business model that relies on direct sales through tactile, domestic culinary explorations, Thermomix leverages a network of independent consultants to operationalize its e-commerce ventures. The brand boasts a monumental reach, engraving its presence in over 11 million kitchens across the global expanse, as per internal statistics.

Further amplifying the company’s credibility is its venerable lineage: Thermomix is a subsidiary of the German conglomerate Vorwerk, which recently commemorated its 140th anniversary. As an indication of its prodigious commercial potency, Vorwerk documented an astonishing $4.1 billion in aggregate sales for the fiscal year 2022.

The relocation, thus, not only functions as a tactical maneuver for Thermomix but also potentially augments Vorwerk’s already considerable global commercial clout.

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