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“From Sunlight to Success”: Trina Solar new facility in Dallas metro region to power 1,500 jobs

Dallas, Texas – In a decisive move underscoring its bullish outlook on renewable energy technologies, Trina Solar, a vanguard in intelligent solar products and solutions, has elected to establish an expansive manufacturing facility in Wilmer, North Texas.

The forthcoming plant, monumental in its scope, will sprawl across an excess of one million square feet and is poised to specialize in the fabrication of high-capacity photovoltaic (PV) modules—more specifically, the company’s Vertex modules, noted for their exceptional power output.

These new parts will be produced in North Texas

Such Vertex modules, which will be manufactured in Wilmer, will be distinctive in their incorporation of large-format, 210-millimeter wafers. In an effort to sustain a supply chain of unimpeachable integrity, Trina Solar has expressed its intent to procure its polysilicon raw materials primarily from trusted suppliers in the United States and Europe.

The applications for these cutting-edge PV modules are manifold and cross-sectoral. Notably, they are earmarked for a pioneering role in facilitating a net-zero energy ecosystem for Wells Fargo’s imminent regional campus in nearby Irving. This initiative stands as a compelling exemplar of how renewable technologies can be seamlessly integrated into large-scale, institutional infrastructure projects, thereby propelling society toward a more sustainable future.

Construction of the industrial edifice is slated to commence production in the year 2024. In addition to advancing the frontiers of renewable energy, this initiative is projected to be a formidable engine of economic development for the region. Trina Solar’s monumental investment, which will exceed $200 million allocated for property acquisition and sophisticated manufacturing equipment, is forecast to generate upwards of 1,500 new employment opportunities within the community.

“This manufacturing facility will be a shining example of how the Wilmer community will continue to thrive with the long-term commitment that Trina is investing within our community,” said Wilmer Mayor Shelia Petta in a prepared statement.

“It’s great to see that companies are reinvigorating manufacturing and creating workforce opportunities especially within Southern Dallas County as this region continues to explode with growth,” she added.

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Trina said that this is its first module factory in the Western Hemisphere.

“This factory sets the stage for Trina to continuously expand business in the U.S. and show our customers that we are committed to providing best-in-class products. Trina will announce additional investments in American communities soon. We are grateful to the State of Texas, Dallas County, and the City of Wilmer, Texas for working with us on this exciting project,“ said Steven Zhu, the company’s president for the North American region.

Trina Solar operates in America since 2006

Established in 1997 and operating within the United States since 2006, Trina Solar has carved out a niche for itself in the realm of clean energy, offering an array of photovoltaic (PV) modules as well as intelligent energy solutions.

In a parallel development a short distance away in Mesquite, Canadian Solar disclosed its intentions in June to construct a dedicated PV module production facility. This endeavor, commanding an estimated financial outlay of $250 million, is similarly anticipated to contribute approximately 1,500 new jobs to the local economy.

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