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Frontier Communications chooses Dallas as new home base, creating thousands of jobs

Dallas, Texas – In an announcement last week, Frontier Communications, a telecommunication services behemoth renowned for providing a spectrum of internet, phone, and television solutions to both residential consumers and small-to-medium-sized enterprises across 25 states, officially divulged plans to shift its corporate headquarters from Norwalk, Connecticut, to the burgeoning Uptown district of Dallas, Texas.

Frontier Communications moving to Dallas was confirmed by the company’s CEO

Preliminary indications of Frontier’s impending relocation surfaced in early August when the company was weighing the strategic advantages of moving either to Dallas or Tampa, Florida. The decision became definitive on September 13, as confirmed by Frontier’s CEO, Nick Jeffery: “It’s official — Dallas is now home base for Building Gigabit America.”

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“Moving our headquarters to Dallas makes good business sense given the city is already home to hundreds of our corporate employees and sits in the middle of one of our most important fiber markets. With a fast-growing economy and large, diverse pool of talent, Dallas is quickly becoming one of the nation’s top business cities. We’re proud to be part of it,” said Jeffery in a statement.

A litany of salient factors underpinning Frontier’s decision was enumerated by the firm. Notably, the transition is projected to substantially invigorate both the local and state economies, with an estimated fiscal injection of $3.8 billion and the creation of over 3,000 job opportunities in the forthcoming decade. Additional considerations encompassed the allure of constructing a state-of-the-art headquarters designed to magnetize top-tier talent, the consolidation of an executive leadership team, and the promising prospect of significantly expanding the company’s fiber network infrastructure across the state of Texas.

Mirroring a trend spearheaded by a plethora of other enterprises, Frontier’s preference for Dallas was substantively influenced by the city’s congenial, pro-business climate, as well as its geographically central locale, factors which collectively underscore Dallas’s burgeoning status as a magnet for corporate relocations.

Frontier Communications had reported an annual revenue of approximately $5.8 billion for the year 2022

In a recent financial disclosure, Frontier Communications reported an annual revenue of approximately $5.8 billion for the year 2022, positioning the telecom giant tantalizingly close to the upper echelons of North Texas’ largest public enterprises. With its revenue ranking it at number 28, Frontier trails just behind Grapevine-based GameStop when the companies are sorted by their fiscal performance.

Accompanying the monumental shift of its headquarters, Frontier has embarked on a strategic investment in a sprawling 95,000-square-foot office complex situated in Dallas’ increasingly affluent Uptown district. Christened “GigaHub,” this locus of operations is slated to become the nerve center for Frontier’s executive cadre as well as a substantial contingent of its corporate workforce.

The concept of the GigaHub initially piqued public curiosity during its tacit revelation within an agenda for a Dallas City Council meeting held in August. Frontier expressed its intent to petition for recognition as an Enterprise Zone Project under the auspices of the Texas Enterprise Zone Act, targeting its forthcoming office space located at 1919 McKinney Avenue for this specific designation.

Embodying a robust commitment to localized employment, Frontier stipulated its plans to maintain at minimum 500 jobs at the new Dallas hub. Furthermore, an additional 600 positions will either be retained or strategically consolidated from the company’s existing operations in Allen, Texas, to the freshly minted GigaHub in Uptown Dallas. This aggregate employment figure plays a pivotal role in Frontier’s phased return-to-office initiative, which seeks to bring formerly remote employees back into a physical workspace, either on a full-time or part-time basis, according to details conveyed to city officials.

The company’s future workforce composition will be characterized by a blend of new hires and relocated staff, with the transition expected to materialize within a five-year timeframe should the headquarters relocation proceed as anticipated. As a testament to Frontier’s investment in the Dallas community, the company has committed to an expenditure exceeding $7 million for the expansion and refurbishment of its nascent space at the aforementioned McKinney Avenue address.

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While the precise timeline delineating Frontier’s transition to its Dallas headquarters remains under wraps, the implications of the move reverberate as a signal of both the company’s ambition and the city’s increasing gravitas as a locus for corporate growth and innovation.

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