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Funky Town Fridge fridge stolen: Fort Worth organization rallies support to replace essential resource

Fort Worth, Texas – In a shocking incident last week, a food-oriented organization based in Fort Worth, Funky Town Fridge, experienced a disheartening blow. Their community refrigerator, stationed on Village Creek Road, was surreptitiously absconded, stripping hundreds of underprivileged residents of a critical resource for sustenance.

Funky Town Fridge has fridges throughout the city of Fort Worth helping struggling residents nonstop

These charitable fridges are scattered throughout the city, acting as 24-hour beacons of support for those struggling with food security. The organization is now making a desperate plea for community assistance in identifying the perpetrator or group responsible for the audacious theft at their Stop 6 location, a hotspot for the destitute.

The stolen fridge, according to Funky Town Fridge, was more than a mere appliance—it served as a lifeline for hundreds within the local community.

“You don’t have to show your I.D. or anything like that. You just come open a fridge and take what you need, and donate what you have,” Jhamal Huckaby said.

Huckaby is deeply involved in the management of Tabor Farms in Southeast Fort Worth, which up until recently was the host site for a Funky Town Fridge.

“It had zucchini, squash and bell peppers, plenty of water. I even had some popsicles in there for kids that might be walking in the neighborhood and maybe want to eat something cool,” Huckaby said.

Despite working late into the night last Thursday, Huckaby discovered a disheartening scene the following morning—a near-empty shed, bereft of its community refrigerator.

“I left at 11:30, and I came back the next day and the fridge was gone. So, between I say midnight and 6 a.m. the fridge was gone,” Huckaby said.

The aftermath of this incident has profoundly affected community members, like Smooth June, who have been left bereft of easily accessible, fresh nourishment.

“My feelings are really hurt,” June said to NBC DFW. “The fact that we cannot provide for our community as of right now is just very hurtful.”

The stolen fridge was not merely an appliance, but a crucial tool in the ongoing battle against food insecurity in the area.

“We’re not in a food desert, but it is a food swamp. A food swamp is where we have nothing but fast food and maybe one grocery store,” Huckaby said. “I want our fridge to be returned.”

In a heartfelt appeal, Huckaby called on the culprit or those with any information to heed his plea

Just bring our fridge back, man,” Huckaby said. “I understand you might think money, but you are being very very selfish by taking away from myself and the whole community.”

As of late Monday afternoon, volunteers have pledged to provide a replacement refrigerator. However, the organization is now grappling with the logistical challenge of relocating the bulky appliance into its designated place.

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