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Grandscape, a $1.5 billion entertainment development, is growing every day

Denton County, Texas – Basking in innovation and immersion, Grandscape, a magnificent $1.5 billion entertainment enterprise, is proving to be a captivating beacon in The Colony, weaving together an enviable tapestry of dining, retail, and entertainment.

“It’s an ultimate destination for dining, retail and entertainment,” said Rosemary Lewis, associate broker. “It’s a venue where you have smaller concerts. Some of the best dining around is located in the Grandscape and just a lot of fun destinations like the Andretti and [Immersive] Gamebox.”

Amid the persistent growth, the later quarters of the year will herald the advent of Tiger Woods’ mini-golf venture, PopStroke, bolstering the already dynamic lineup. Its distinctive offerings include 37 mini-golf holes, supplemented by an invigorating outdoor play zone.

Lewis further expounded on the allure of Grandscape, luring businesses of all sizes from across the states

“Now you have companies like Portillo’s, you know different retailers that are from different states that see the draw of the Grandscape and how grand it is, and now they want in and they’re getting in, and we get the benefits of it being in North Texas,” said Rosemary.

Indeed, Portillo’s, the revered Chicago-based fast-casual eatery, renowned for its delectable hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches, marked its Texas debut in The Colony earlier this year on January 18. The 7,900-square-foot restaurant has been an undeniable financial triumph, precipitating plans for two additional North Texas venues in Allen and Arlington, mere weeks post the Grandscape inauguration.

Positioned strategically off Sam Rayburn Tollway, Grandscape is carving out an indelible identity within Denton County. This burgeoning development continues to draw burgeoning interest, pulling in a vibrant mix of patrons and attracting a steady stream of new enterprises, thereby underscoring its place as a lynchpin of local commerce and entertainment.

“To me, that is a sign of a healthy economy and a healthy place to be,” said Rosemary.

To learn more about Grandscape and to check out a list of stores and attractions, click here.

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