Green power on the house: Mesquite provides free electric vehicle charging in two locations through August 2024

Mesquite, Texas – In a landmark initiative designed to augment the adoption of sustainable transport modes, the City of Mesquite has recently inaugurated complimentary electric vehicle charging stations at two locations, a move scheduled to remain in effect for the ensuing year.

Free electric vehicle charging program in Mesquite was made possible with a TxDOT grant

This commendable undertaking has been rendered feasible through a grant bestowed upon the city by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) under the auspices of its Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement program—a pivotal program aimed at tackling urban congestion while simultaneously enhancing air quality.

The grant has not only facilitated the acquisition but also the installation of three sophisticated dual-port Level II Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, thus exponentially amplifying the charging infrastructure within the urban expanse of Mesquite. These dual-port chargers are capable of servicing multiple electric vehicles concurrently, thereby amplifying the convenience for users and engendering a swifter transition to greener transportation alternatives.

Free electric vehicle charging program in Mesquite will remain in place through August 2024

In a commitment to incentivize public participation in this eco-friendly transition, the grant stipulates that charging services will be extended to the general populace without pecuniary obligations through August 2024.

Thereafter, the city administration has delineated plans to institute a nominal fee structure for residents wishing to avail themselves of the EV charging facilities, a strategy geared toward sustaining the operation of these charging stations whilst encouraging responsible consumption of electricity.

“EV ownership is on the rise, but there is a need for more public charging stations,” said City Manager Cliff Keheley, according to a City of Mesquite press release. “We are excited to offer this technology to our residents and provide services to a growing community of EV drivers.”

EV charging stations locations:

  • Mesquite Municipal Center, 1515 N. Galloway Ave. – Two EV chargers with the capacity to charge four vehicles
  • Mesquite City Hall, 757 N. Galloway Ave. – One EV charger with the capacity to charge two vehicles

Utilizing the same program, DART launched two EV charging stations in Dallas in areas with shortfall of EV chargers.

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