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Gunfire at Allen Outlets under Police Investigation

Authorities are currently investigating a shooting that took place at Allen Outlets on Saturday. Although details are still scarce, the police have confirmed that the situation is currently active. An NBC 5 report indicates that the news outlet has already dispatched its crew to the scene to gather firsthand information about the incident.

The Allen Police Department has also released a statement about the shooting, urging the public to stay away from the area until further notice. It is worth noting that the authorities have yet to disclose any information about the victims or the suspect (s) involved in the shooting.

Law enforcement has set up a perimeter around the mall, and an active investigation is underway. Residents and visitors can expect to see a significant police presence in the area, as the authorities work to gather evidence and piece together what happened.

As the story continues to develop, both the citizens in the area and the general public are advised to stay up to date with the latest information. Those who have information about the shooting or saw anything suspicious leading up to the incident are encouraged to contact the police.

The police have not disclosed when they expect to release more information about the shooting. However, for those who are interested in staying informed, it is useful to keep checking for updates and refresh their news feeds regularly. Ultimately, with little known about the situation at this time, it is essential to exercise patience and allow the authorities to carry out their investigation.

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