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H-E-B is opening ‘futuristic’ fulfillment center in Plano, first of its kind in North Texas

The Texas grocery heavyweight, H-E-B, is putting some exciting plans into motion over in Collin County. On Tuesday, they dropped the news that they’re setting up a brand new, “futuristic” e-commerce fulfillment center. Think curbside pickups and home deliveries – that’s what this place is all about.

This center isn’t just another grocery outlet. Opening later this summer, it’s going to be the first of its kind in North Texas. The center’s location? Right by H-E-B’s Plano store at 6001 Preston Road. Handy for folks in the neighborhood, isn’t it?

Here’s the kicker: they’re on a hiring spree. H-E-B is looking to fill about 125 positions at the center, all to keep those online orders flowing. They haven’t spilled the beans on the exact opening date yet, but we’re looking at some time this summer.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Has H-E-B done this before?” You bet. Last year, they pulled off something similar in Central Texas. Those job postings mentioned working with some of the company’s coolest tech to get customer orders ready.

H-E-B isn’t new to North Texas, either. They put themselves on the map last year by opening stores in Frisco and Plano. It was a bit of a leap, moving into the bigger cities in the Metroplex, but it’s paying off.

It’s no secret that North Texas has some big players in the grocery game. Names like Kroger, Tom Thumb, Albertsons, and Walmart dominate the landscape. But H-E-B isn’t backing down. Their store count may not match the competition yet, but they’re making strides, launching new stores in Allen, Fort Worth, McKinney, and Forney. Watch this space, folks – the grocery scene in Texas is getting even more interesting.

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