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Health food chain Flower Child is opening a new location in Plano later this year

Plano, Texas – In an advance that solidifies the burgeoning restaurant scene in Plano, Flower Child, the dynamic fast-casual dining establishment, has recently announced plans to unveil its sixth North Texas locale.

The venture, a brainchild of Sam Fox’s distinguished culinary empire, Fox Restaurant Concepts, anticipates extending its presence in late 2023 at the renowned Preston Park Colonnade Shopping Center. This prestigious shopping complex is set to become the newest domicile for the thriving eatery.

Not merely a fast-casual restaurant, Flower Child is a holistic gastronomic experience that endorses a healthy lifestyle with a creative culinary flair. The menu is ingeniously devised to cater to a broad spectrum of dietary requirements.

It’s a vibrant tableau of made-from-scratch meals, each prepared meticulously to satisfy not only the palate but also the conscience. From customizable bowls, wraps, and salads, to an enticing array of mix-and-match veggies, grains, fruits, and wholesome proteins, Flower Child celebrates food in its most natural and nourishing state.

Among the culinary delights, some dishes have gained a particular fervor among regular patrons. The Mother Earth Bowl, for instance, boasts a melange of ancient grains, sweet potato, portobello mushroom, avocado, and other fresh produce, while the Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese is an indulgent serving of aged white cheddar and parmesan.

Also notable in the culinary lineup are the Chicken Enchiladas, the Flying Avocado Wrap, and the Brussels Sprouts & Organic Kale Salad – each offering a distinct journey in flavor and health-conscious dining.

A distinctive trait of Flower Child is its signature dining atmosphere, infused with vitality and positivity, largely fostered by its ebullient staff. Having established a reputable presence in multiple U.S. states, including Arizona, California, and Virginia, the brand is part of a broader network of innovative restaurant concepts under the banner of Fox Restaurant Concepts, which also encompasses such notable entities as Culinary Dropout, Doughbird, and The Henry.

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