Help make a difference: Volunteer opportunities at Arlington ISD back to school kickoff

Arlington, Texas – With less than a month remaining before the highly anticipated ninth edition of Arlington ISD’s annual Back to School Kickoff event at the AT&T Stadium, there persists ample opportunity for community members to extend their helping hand.

Arlington ISD’s annual Back to School Kickoff set to take place on August 5

Scheduled to take place from 8 to 11 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, August 5, the event serves as a pivotal platform for 10,000 Arlington ISD students to procure school supplies for the imminent academic year, packed carefully within new backpacks.

Now you may ask, where does your contribution stand in this grand scheme?

Arlington ISD wants your help: either buy backpack and support the event or give some of your time volunteering

Whether it is monetary contributions to purchase backpacks or the gift of your valuable time in the form of volunteering, your support has a meaningful role to play in this event’s success.

An extensive variety of volunteer roles awaits your selection. Ranging from distributing the assembled backpacks and working at the resource fair, to registering students for their backpack pickup, or even just offering your services as a flexible resource person. The possibilities are practically limitless, and the schedule can be adjusted to suit your availability. Options for volunteering commence at the break of dawn at 7 a.m., extending to slots starting post 10 a.m.

In order to ensure seamless execution, this event hinges on the support of over 800 volunteers. Even now, there is a significant requirement for more than 300 additional volunteers, particularly to reinforce our backpack check-in sector.

“The volunteers at our event are crucial to its success,” said Aaron Perales, the Arlington ISD executive director of equity, access and engagement. “We’re fortunate to see familiar faces and organizations helping, but it takes a lot of support.”

If you’re inspired to participate in this commendable event as a volunteer, we encourage you to register using this link. Kindly note that the cutoff date for volunteer registration is August 2, and all volunteers are required to be at least 18 years of age.

Moreover, for those students who are yet to register for a backpack, rest assured, there’s still time. Your registration can be done via this link.

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