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Labor Day in Fort Worth: What’s working and what is not

Fort Worth, Texas – In observance of the upcoming Labor Day holiday on September 5th, a multitude of municipal establishments, inclusive of City Hall, will cease operations for the duration of the day. It should be duly noted that emergency services will remain unaffected by this temporal hiatus, persisting in their regular functionality to address any exigencies that may arise.

Waste management services in Fort Worth will remain operation for Labor Day

Contrary to perhaps popular assumption, there will be no alterations to the prevailing schedules concerning waste management. This includes garbage, recycling, as well as yard waste and bulk collection timetables. However, individuals should be cognizant of the temporary closure of pertinent facilities such as drop-off stations and the Environmental Collection Center. Inquiries or solicitations for further assistance should be directed to the designated hotline, 817-392-1234.

In addition to City Hall, bibliophiles will encounter the shuttering of all Fort Worth library branches on the specified date. Normal operations will recommence on September 6th in accordance with their standard operational hours.

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As it pertains to recreational and communal spaces, a majority of community centers—ranging from the Haws Athletic Center to late-night programs and the Log Cabin Village—will also be inaccessible on September 5th. Exceptions to this mandate include the Chisholm Trail and Victory Forest community centers, which will maintain their operations. Moreover, selected amenities will remain open for public enjoyment; these encompass golf courses, the McLeland Tennis Center, Fort Worth Botanic Garden, Fort Worth Water Gardens, Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge, Forest Park Pool, and Marine Park Pool.

Most of the animal shelters in Fort Worth will be closed for Labor Day

Pet enthusiasts should be aware that the Fort Worth Animal Shelter’s Chuck & Brenda Silcox Animal Care & Adoption Center, along with the North Animal Campus, will follow suit in closing their doors on the holiday. Contrarily, the PetSmart Adoption Centers located at Hulen and Alliance will sustain their operations between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Residents necessitating interaction with the Water Department are advised that its automated payment and account inquiry systems will remain operational. Emergencies can be reported through its round-the-clock call center at 817-392-4477.

Trinity Metro’s TEXRail and The Dash are slated to function in accordance with their regular timetables

Regarding public transportation, Trinity Metro’s TEXRail and The Dash are slated to function in accordance with their regular timetables. The bus, ZIPZONE, and ACCESS paratransit services will adhere to their customary Sunday schedules. Conversely, the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) will suspend its operations for the day, and Trinity Metro’s administrative offices, as well as the customer care kiosk, will be closed. Nonetheless, customer care phone lines will remain accessible from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., reachable at 817-215-8600.

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