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Larry Nabb has been appointed chief executive officer of Jet Health Inc., Fort Worth based healthcare provider

Fort Worth, Texas – Jet Health’s founder and presiding board chair, Jim Glynn, has recently articulated his assuredness in the organization’s freshly minted appointment, the highly esteemed Nabb. Acknowledged for his sterling strategic acumen, Nabb is famed for his rich reservoir of operational wisdom as well as his innate propensity to galvanize growth and foster unparalleled team engagement, attributes that have earned him a remarkable reputation in leadership spheres.

In a public statement, Glynn cast a spotlight on Nabb as a “resolute strategic stalwart blessed with extraordinary interpersonal aptitude and commendable operational prowess.”

He further expounded that the board of directors at Jet Health holds an unwavering conviction that Nabb’s expansive industrial savoir-faire and demonstrably stellar performance history will enable him to successfully spearhead the course of Jet Health’s future.

The health conglomerate has confirmed that Nabb will be entrusted with the helm of all quotidian operations and business functions. His purview will extend to directing strategies geared toward growth and acquisitions, signifying the faith the company places in his capabilities.

Presently, Jet Health’s operational tendrils extend to 16 distinct markets, primarily within the Southwest and Mountain West territories of the United States. These diverse operations are united under the banner of Jet Health, with specific brands identified as Klarus, First Choice, Hospice de la Luz, and Trio. The new appointment of Nabb promises to bring continued growth and strategic direction to these dynamic and expanding operations.

Larry Nabb is expected to lead the Fort Worth based in company in the right direction

Nabb, possessing an illustrious track record as a seasoned leader in the home health and hospice sectors, carries with him an abundance of professional expertise, Jet Health confirmed.

Before his transition to Jet Health, Nabb held a prestigious dual role as both CEO and board member for Providence Care LLC. This entity, recognized as a provider of home health, hospice, and house call services, catered predominantly to the Southeastern regions of the United States.

During his tenure there, Nabb masterfully orchestrated the company’s acquisition strategies, amplified the capabilities of the executive squad, and successfully widened its geographic imprint, extending services from a singular state to multiple states. Under Nabb’s stewardship, Providence Care’s clientele burgeoned, presently exceeding 6,500 in number.

Preceding his association with Providence Care, Nabb rendered his services as President and Chief Operating Officer at Remita Health, a noteworthy hospice provider serving California, Arizona, and Nevada.

His leadership was marked by an impressive surge in the company’s earnings, tripling during his term. Nabb also built instrumental payer relationships and spearheaded the initiation of value-based joint ventures with prominent health corporations such as Blue Shield, Anthem, and Optum Health. These achievements solidify his reputation as a transformative leader in the healthcare industry.

“Jet Health has steadily grown through acquisition as well as organically over the past several years, resulting in the strong presence it established and positive reputation it earned throughout the markets they serve,” Nabb said in a statement, as reported by Dallas Innovates. “My background and experience, coupled with the Company’s solid footing in both the space as well as geographic areas it reaches, will serve as a springboard for taking Jet Health to the next level. I am confident in my abilities to help the company achieve its expansion goals over the short- and long-term.”

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