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Lee Glover, Frisco’s interim fire chief, was promoted to Frisco Fire Chief on Monday

Frisco, Texas – In an announcement on Monday, it was confirmed that Lee Glover, the provisional head of the fire department, will be ascended to the prestigious position on a full-time basis.

The transition from interim to official Chief of the Frisco Fire Department for Glover, whose dedicated stewardship commenced in September 2022, became effective this Monday, a decision warmly greeted by the department’s personnel.

Frisco’s interim fire chief was promoted to Frisco Fire Chief and the decision takes effect immediately

The city manager, Wes Pierson, praised Glover in his statements. He articulated his belief that, among all the potential candidates, Glover’s amalgamation of hard-earned experience, extensive knowledge, and proven leadership was unparalleled.

“Lee’s combination of experience, knowledge and leadership was the best fit for the department,” said Wes Pierson, city manager. “I believe Lee is deeply committed to the success of Team Frisco and will work hard to serve our community and members of FFD.”

Glover’s association with the Frisco Fire Department has a long and esteemed history that dates back to 1991. He performed commendably as an assistant chief from 2009 to 2022, prior to his designation as interim chief, which speaks volumes of his dedicated service.

“I’m truly honored to be chosen as the next Fire Chief of Frisco,” said Glover. “We will continue to provide outstanding fire and emergency medical services. But we’ll also focus on fire prevention, too. We’ll continue to adhere to the highest standards and be a department our residents, businesses and all our employees are proud of.”

The Frisco Fire Department, a well-oiled machine with 278 individuals on its payroll, comprises administrative staff, a fleet department, fire prevention personnel, and a 233-strong force dedicated to fire operations.

Glover’s educational credentials are as illustrious as his professional career. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University-Commerce and an Associate degree from Collin College. His exceptional skills have also seen him rise to the rank of an executive fire officer.

Glover actively participates in numerous professional bodies, including the Denton County Chief’s Association, the International Association of Fire Chiefs, and the Texas Chief’s Association, thus highlighting his commitment to the continuous enhancement of the firefighting field.

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