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Lone Star State shines bright as Texas sets unprecedented employment records

Texas – In a jubilant acknowledgment of the Lone Star State’s burgeoning economic prowess, Governor Greg Abbott on Friday lauded Texas as a veritable juggernaut in the American job market, following the divulgence of August employment metrics.

These newly released statistics illuminate not merely a transient spike, but a consistent, year-long trajectory in which Texas has outpaced national job growth rates. Moreover, the state has shattered antecedent records in multiple categories: aggregate employment, the corpus of actively employed Texans, and the overall dimensions of the Texas labor force.

“Texas continues to grow jobs at a faster rate than the nation thanks to our welcoming business climate, our hardworking entrepreneurs, and the strength of our young, skilled, diverse, and growing workforce,” said Governor Abbott.

“In Texas, we want businesses to succeed. When businesses succeed, Texans succeed. We see the impact of that pro-growth model month after month. More Texans are working than ever before, and we continue to break all previous records for total jobs and total labor force. The significant investments we are making today in education, innovation, infrastructure, and workforce development will build an even stronger Texas of tomorrow.”

Texas Workforce Commission data shows some impressive numbers

According to the most recent figures released by the Texas Workforce Commission, the state has attained new zeniths in multiple labor metrics:

  • The totality of employment in Texas has soared to an unprecedented 13,979,100, following the addition of 16,700 nonfarm jobs in the month of August alone.
  • A new record has been established for the number of Texans engaged in labor, whether through traditional employment or entrepreneurial endeavors, amounting to an unparalleled 14,489,000.
  • The state’s labor force has swollen to a historic apex of 15,111,900—marking the largest such contingent ever recorded in the annals of Texas labor history.
  • Reiterating its dominance over a twelve-month span, Texas has augmented its employment by 402,000 jobs between August 2022 and August 2023, thereby realizing an annual growth rate of 3%. This rate stands in stark contrast to the nation’s more tepid 2% growth over the same period.

Since Governor Abbott assumed the reins of leadership, Texas has catalyzed the creation of more than 2.1 million jobs—a statistic that resoundingly underscores his administration’s role in shepherding the state to its current pinnacle of economic vitality.

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