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Luxury Dallas Apartments: Over a Dozen Vehicles Vandalized and Broken Into

Residents residing at The Gabriella Apartments along Cantegral Street north of Deep Ellum in Dallas are in panic after a string of vandalism and break-ins over the weekend. Various automobiles were vandalized and busted, leaving locals notably disturbed about the safety measures of the apartment complex. 

Leah Easterwood, a resident who recently moved into a new apartment, was a victim of the break-ins. She parked her car in the resident’s parking garage on Saturday afternoon, unaware of the incident until she received a social media notification. Checking her vehicle, she noticed one of the windows smashed and notified the management, who provided no assistance except a notice sent days later. 

According to the Dallas Police Department, there have been 13 burglary motor vehicle and five criminal mischief offenses reported at The Gabriella over the past twelve months. However, they have not yet assigned a detective for this latest string of crimes. Even after multiple incidents were reported, there was no measure put in place to improve security and prevent further crimes. Moreover, vehicles are being vandalized despite the presence of security cameras in the garage that residents believe are non-functional.

Greystar Properties, which manages the apartment, responded via email, apologizing for the incident and claiming to be assisting the police in their investigation. Management is also said to have promised residents they will add patrols to improve the apartment’s visibility. However, residents are demanding permanent changes since such incidents occurred previously without any measures being taken to prevent future occurrences. Some have even suggested adding a security guard or better gates. 

The lack of response and security measures has left residents feeling extremely frightened and insecure. Many are now considering moving out and seeking accommodation elsewhere, warning others to avoid the area. The agony of the residents is unimaginable, and they feel unheard by the management who fails to understand the gravity of such criminal activities. The management has therefore been asked to ensure comprehensive security measures to guarantee the safety of the residents. 

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