McKinney ISD Pushes for Larger Alcohol-Free Areas Near District Sites

The McKinney Independent School District (ISD) Board of Trustees has unanimously approved a petition to extend the alcohol-free zone around district property from 300 feet to 1,000 feet. The petition, which was facilitated by district documents, is in compliance with the Texas Alcoholics Beverage Code and will be submitted to Collin County Commissioners for consideration.

If accepted, the petition would prohibit the sale of alcohol within the 1,000 ft. zone surrounding district property. This includes not only school campuses, but all district property, such as administrative buildings, libraries and sports fields.

In accordance with the Texas Alcoholics Beverage Code, the Commissioners Court may enact regulations of the sale of alcoholic beverages up to 300 feet of a church, public or private school or public hospital. However, if the board of trustees petitions the court, the alcohol-free zone may be extended to 1,000 feet of a public school.

The initiative to expand the alcohol-free zone around district property is aimed at protecting the safety of students, staff, and visitors. It also serves as an example of the district’s commitment to promoting a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

The ISD Board of Trustees will be submitting the petition to Collin County Commissioners in the near future. If accepted, the new 1,000 ft. alcohol-free zone will be officially adopted and enforced.

Annie Wise

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