Medical City Lewisville expands services with reopening of ER facility in Flower Mound

Flower Mound, Texas – Medical City Lewisville, an esteemed medical institution, has broadened its footprint to include emergency services for Flower Mound and adjacent communities.

Medical City ER Flower Mound reopened its doors on July 13

Medical City ER Flower Mound, functioning as an extension of Medical City Lewisville, opened its doors again on the 13th of July. The reinstated medical facility, strategically located at 4351 Long Prairie Road, vows to deliver comprehensive emergency care catering to adults, infants, and children alike, as delineated in a recent press statement.

Encompassing an impressive area of nearly 10,600 square feet, the facility houses 12 personal treatment chambers, along with two rooms specifically designed for pediatric care. Other distinctive features include a trauma code room exclusively dedicated to high emergency cases, a fully equipped medical laboratory, and a state-of-the-art imaging suite equipped with cutting-edge tools for X-ray, CT scans, and ultrasound procedures.

Medical City ER Flower Mound was temporarily closed since March 2020 due to the pandemic

Operating around the clock, Medical City ER Flower Mound ensures uninterrupted availability of medical services for the community. This medical facility made its first appearance in the region back in November 2009. However, it temporarily ceased operations in March 2020, a strategic maneuver aimed at effectively reallocating resources and staff to manage the unexpected surges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medical City ER Stonebridge has also reopened its doors earlier this week after temporary closure in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To celebrate the reopening, Medical City ER Stonebridge made an altruistic gesture of bestowing a charitable donation of $5,000 to the Department of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at Collin College.

“We are pleased to be able to provide this high-quality, convenient and potentially lifesaving emergency care closer to home for the Flower Mound community, with seamless admission to Medical City Lewisville for inpatient services should a higher level of care or inpatient services be required,” Medical City Lewisville CEO John Walker said in a news release.

Medical City ER Flower Mound donated $5,000 to the Cross Timbers Family YMCA

Commemorating the reopening, Medical City Lewisville extended its community support with a generous donation of $5,000 to the Cross Timbers Family YMCA. These funds will be channeled towards covering the costs of CPR training for the staff and volunteers of the Cross Timbers Family YMCA, bolstering community health and safety initiatives.

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