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Mother Charged as Police Search Porch for Missing Everman Boy

Everman Parents Face Child Abandonment Charges in Missing 6-Year-Old Case

Everman parents, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh and her husband, are now facing felony child abandonment charges after their 6-year-old son, Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, went missing, and the couple fled to India with their six other children. The police had conducted a welfare check on Noel, but his mother told them he was with his father in Mexico. Investigations have revealed that the boy’s father was not in contact with him, and there is no evidence that the child is dead.

Over the past week, investigators have been searching for more evidence at the family’s rented home, which apparently was a large shed located at the back of the property. On Thursday, authorities executed a search warrant at the house, which was converted into a living space. The living conditions of the family’s home have been referred to in the arrest warrant but have not been revealed. The investigators have focused their attention on a newly poured concrete porch believed to have been paid for by the renter and not the property owner.

Chief of Police CW Spencer stated that while cadaver dogs didn’t alert near the porch, ground penetrating radar detected an anomaly underneath the slab. However, nothing was found after they dug into the area. Although there was other evidence found in the home supporting the investigation, nothing concrete regarding the child’s whereabouts has come to light.

Spencer is requesting anyone with information regarding the case, no matter how insignificant it may seem, to come forward. He assured the public that the investigation is ongoing, and there is no evidence indicating Noel’s death. The chief has vowed to explore every possible avenue to find the missing child.

Rodriguez-Singh and her husband’s felony charges make them subject to extradition from India with the help of federal partners. The Texas police are concerned for Noel’s safety and the well-being of his siblings in India.

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