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Nearly 50 solar-powered cameras to be added in Prosper; they will scan license plates

Prosper, Texas – In a proactive maneuver to bolster security measures and streamline law enforcement, Prosper Police have confirmed plans to augment their surveillance capabilities with an additional forty-eight Flock cameras strategically installed around the town. This innovative technology, primarily aimed at identifying stolen cars and other vehicles involved in criminal activities or related to missing persons, offers an advanced mechanism to combat crime.

These solar-powered sentinels, equipped to scan and analyze license plates, cross-verify the obtained information with national crime databases. A hit indicating the presence of a stolen vehicle or a person sought by law enforcement triggers a real-time alert to the police, allowing for an immediate response.

Prosper Mayor David Bristol emphasized the town’s unwavering commitment to community safety and security.

“The Town of Prosper is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our community using the finest technology available. These cameras will further equip Prosper Police in keeping our Town safe and bring guilty parties to justice,” said Prosper Mayor David Bristol.

Additionally, the cameras are primed to alert authorities when they detect a vehicle tied to missing persons cases, such as those under the purview of AMBER or Silver Alerts. However, the police underscored the limits of these cameras’ functions: they will not monitor parking or minor traffic violations. Furthermore, the collected data remains confidential, neither sold nor shared, and is exclusively accessible by law enforcement.

While the precise locations and installation dates remain undisclosed, the cameras will be strategically stationed at significant intersections and selectively chosen roads around the town. Recently, Plano Police also announced installing license plate readers around the city to improve safety.

Endorsing the deployment of this surveillance system, Chief Doug Kowalski of the Prosper Police Department acknowledged its proven efficacy.

“This camera system has proven to be an invaluable tool used by police departments in neighboring communities in their policing efforts,” said Chief Doug Kowalski of the Prosper Police Department.

In the broader context, Prosper joins a series of North Texas cities, including Dallas, Fort Worth, and Grand Prairie, that have already integrated Flock cameras into their law enforcement networks.

Last November, Grand Prairie Police utilized Flock cameras to locate a vehicle implicated in a pursuit that tragically resulted in the death of a police officer. Through the usage of this technology, investigators discerned that over 200 vehicles had exploited the same counterfeit paper license tag, leading them to successfully narrow down their search to the implicated vehicle.

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