New beginnings and classic hits celebration for Arlington’s Berry Elementary school grand opening

Arlington, Texas – In an august event slated for Monday, August 28, Arlington’s freshly minted Berry Elementary School will open its doors for an inaugural festivity imbued with the spirit of academic renewal and community unity. Esteemed musician Sir Earl Toon, commonly heralded as “Mr. Celebration,” and a pivotal member of the iconic band Kool & the Gang, will grace the stage to perform an array of his chart-topping compositions, notably the aptly titled “Celebration.”

Subsequent to the official dedicatory proceedings, attendees will be cordially invited to partake in a guided exploration of the scholastic facility, concluding with an ice cream social held in the establishment’s cafeteria. The ceremonial itinerary is set to commence punctually at 5 p.m., and interested parties are encouraged to formalize their attendance via RSVP.

Berry Elementary School will have classrooms spanning pre-Kindergarten through the sixth grade

Occupying nearly 105,000 square feet, the two-story Berry Elementary is an architectural marvel, replete with quintet classrooms designated for each academic grade level, spanning pre-Kindergarten through the sixth grade. Among its manifold amenities are a fully-equipped media center, designated fine arts classrooms, STEM laboratories, makerspaces, collaboration areas, and thoughtfully crafted outdoor environments.

The state-of-the-art facility represents an outgrowth of an inclusive design process that actively solicited contributions from local residents, educational professionals, and students. Principal Rose Ravin opined during the groundbreaking ceremony nearly two years ago that the newly constructed Berry Elementary serves as a cornerstone not merely for the academic district it occupies but holds particular import for the revitalization of the east Arlington area.

Ravin than expressed the excitement saying that Berry Elementary means history, but also an opportunity for creating new memories, new learning, new designs and new creations.

Constructed as a replacement for the original Berry Elementary, which was built in the year 1955 and subsequently razed in 2021, the new school has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of its predecessor.

Berry Elementary School reconstruction project was made possible with funds from 2019 Bond program

The reconstruction project spanned a meticulous two-year period and is the result of the substantial investment allocated from the 2019 Bond program. Berry Elementary joins the ranks of four other venerable educational establishments earmarked for similar transformative reconstruction within the ambit of this capital-intensive initiative.

Berry Elementary School celebration party comes shortly after Arlington ISD decision about raising salaries to most of the district’s employees.

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