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New ultra-fast electric vehicle chargers plant in Plano to produce thousands of charges every year

Plano, Texas – In a move that heralds an accelerating embrace of electric vehicle technology in Texas, a cutting-edge manufacturing plant has emerged in Plano, poised to construct an array of high-speed charging units. This strategic development serves as a boon to the rapidly expanding cadre of Texan electric vehicle owners, offering them the means to expedite their journey times.

Situated on the bustling Plano Parkway, the novel manufacturing facility belongs to SK Signet, an industry behemoth hailing from South Korea. In this new production hub, they are bringing forth a product that is leaps and bounds beyond what typical home units can offer – charging devices with a staggering 350 kW output.

“This facility will produce over 10-thousand American-made, ultra-fast EV chargers per year,” said Jung Ho Shin, the CEO of SK Signet, according to FOX 4.

Despite its rootedness in Plano, the product of this facility won’t be confined to its city limits. Instead, it’s destined to be sold to charging point operators, who will subsequently ensure its distribution and installation throughout the nation.

Taking a glimpse into the not-too-distant future, the South Korean firm lays out plans to bolster the local job market. It aims to engender a workforce expansion at the Plano plant, looking to introduce 183 skilled jobs by the year 2026.

These ultra-fast charging units are set to redefine the standards of electric vehicle technology, boasting the ability to replenish the charge of EVs in record-breaking time. This landmark move holds the potential to drive Texas further down the road of sustainable transportation and make electric vehicle usage increasingly feasible for its citizens.

“Fast chargers that can charge a truck or car in 15 minutes. The technology is amazing,” said John Muns, the mayor of Plano.

The progression of electric vehicle adoption in Texas has hit a noteworthy stride, as per Lori Clark, Program Manager at the North Central Texas Council of Governments and Director of the DFW Clean Cities Coalition. Her role grants her intimate insights into the monitoring of EV registration data, an endeavor diligently undertaken in collaboration with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

The allure of EVs in the fabled Lone Star State has seen an unprecedented surge, underscored by burgeoning registration rates that paint an undeniable picture of ascendant popularity.

“Texas is really number two behind California in terms of their emphasis and focus of investment,” said Clark.

In a bid to facilitate the rapid transition towards electric vehicles, Texas will harness the power of considerable federal funding. A staggering sum of up to $408 million, sourced from the bipartisan infrastructure bill ratified last year, is set to be funneled into the establishment of a state-wide network of fast-charging stations.

This ambitious initiative, earmarked for the upcoming year, lays out plans to erect over 50 new charging locations. These hubs of electric power will dot the arteries of Texas, spanning key interstates connecting the state’s major urban centers – El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Furthermore, the plan generously extends to encompass peripheral regions such as the Panhandle and the Rio Grande Valley, with a handful of stations slated for installation in these areas.

“We get a lot of interest from rural communities, just as much as we might get within kind of the urban core,” said Clark.

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