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No museum entrance fee this coming weekend in Dallas-Fort Worth for Bank of America cardholders

Dallas, Texas – Are you in search of a budget-friendly cultural excursion this weekend?

Bank of America, Merrill, and Bank of America Private Bank are presenting their cardholders an opportunity to immerse themselves in two distinctive cultural landscapes in Dallas-Fort Worth area.

‘Museums on Us’ initiative to offer free admission in Dallas and Fort Worth this weekend

Come July 1st and 2nd, these financial institutions will foot the bill for two general admission tickets, rendering a costless visit to either the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum or the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

This cultural enrichment offer is a facet of Bank of America’s ‘Museums on Us’ initiative, a program that bestows upon its cardholders gratis admission to an array of artistic and cultural institutions within the expansive DFW domain.

According to an official statement, the inclusivity of this initiative extends to art-oriented venues, encompassing children’s and history museums, aquariums, botanical gardens, and science centers, amongst others.

The process to avail this benefit is unpretentious and convenient. Cardholders are invited to utilize the bank’s location finder tool to pinpoint the participating institutions. On arrival, a presentation of the Bank of America, Merrill, or Bank of America Private Bank credit or debit card, along with a valid photo ID, suffices to unlock the doors of knowledge and exploration during the first complete weekend of every month.

Please note that this offering exclusively benefits current cardholders of these banks. Complimentary admission does not extend to their guests. Also, it does not encompass fundraising events, special exhibitions, or ticketed shows, and cannot be amalgamated with other offers. It’s pertinent to mention that the participation of museums may vary.

What is Bank of America’s ‘Museums on Us’ initiative?

The ‘Museums on Us’ initiative stands as an emblem of the bank’s commitment to cultural enrichment. It currently facilitates free entry to over 225 of the nation’s most distinguished cultural institutions spread across 123 cities in 35 states, exclusively for bank cardholders, on the first full weekend of each month.

Further information regarding ‘Museums on Us’, inclusive of a comprehensive list and locations of the participating museums, can be accessed here. Register for updates about Bank of America’s Arts & Culture programs here.

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