No Salary for Texas AG Ken Paxton: State Refuses to Pay $153,750

After a tumultuous week in Texas politics, the state has a new top attorney. Following the impeachment of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Saturday, Governor Greg Abbott has appointed former Texas Secretary of State John Scott to replace him. This appointment comes at a critical time for the state, with Paxton’s scandal-riddled tenure having left a number of important legal matters unresolved.

John Scott is a well-respected attorney whose legal career spans over three decades. He served as the Texas Secretary of State from 1991-1997, during which time he earned a reputation for sound judgment and integrity. Following his stint in government, Scott went on to practice law at a number of prominent Texas firms, including Baker Botts and Vinson & Elkins. His extensive experience in both the public and private sectors make him uniquely qualified to take on the role of Texas Attorney General.

Paxton’s impeachment has been a long time coming. The former AG has been plagued by scandal during his six years in office, including investigations by the FBI and SEC into allegations of bribery and corruption. He is also facing a felony securities fraud charge, which has been pending for over five years. Despite these controversies, Paxton has remained in office until now, partially due to his close ties to Gov. Abbott.

Abbott’s decision to appoint Scott as Attorney General has been met with widespread approval. Many Texas lawmakers and legal experts see it as a necessary step in restoring the public’s trust in the state’s top law enforcement officer. Scott’s reputation for impartiality and ethical behavior make him an excellent choice to lead the office at this critical juncture.

While Scott’s appointment is certainly a positive development, there are still many challenges facing the Texas Attorney General’s office. The pandemic, for example, has created a host of legal issues that the office will need to address. Additionally, the state’s ongoing battles over voting rights and redistricting will require careful legal attention in the coming months. Nevertheless, with John Scott at the helm, Texans can rest assured that their legal interests are in good hands.

Lillie Fuller

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