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North Texas becomes business hub as another out-of-state company plans to relocate its headquarters in Plano

Plano, Texas – Nationally renowned multi-disciplinary engineering company, Westwood, has announced a strategic repositioning of its operational base from Minnesota to Plano by the close of the current year.

Established in 1972 and maintaining a dynamic workforce of 1,600 employees dispersed across 27 offices throughout the United States, Westwood has already established a robust presence in the North Texas area, boasting seven exclusive offices in the Dallas–Fort Worth (DFW) area alone.

North Texas becomes business hub as Westwood plans to relocate its headquarters in Plano

In an exclusive discussion with the Dallas Business Journal on Wednesday, Bryan Powell, Westwood’s Chief Operations Officer, affirmed the company’s impending migration of its primary command center to North Texas.

“Our corporate headquarters will be in Plano by year’s end,” he said.

However, upon further enquiry concerning the details of the relocation process, the company opted to exercise discretion, choosing not to divulge further particulars at this time.

Westwood’s existing Plano office, strategically situated at 2901 Dallas Parkway, has been disclosed on the company’s official website. As revealed in a recent regulatory filing, no less than five of the firm’s executive leadership team, inclusive of Powell and Chief Financial Officer Jennifer Bradbury, currently operate from the Plano office.

Westwood offers different services in civil engineering and environmental surveying

Westwood has a diversified market presence, engaging in 11 different sectors, such as wind, solar, energy storage, electric vehicle infrastructure, commercial, institutional, residential, state and local government, and aviation. The firm offers an array of services within these domains, prominently featuring civil engineering and environmental surveying.

In the face of this relocation, the company continues its legacy of swift expansion at both a local and national scale. A recent notable development is the acquisition of Peloton Land Solutions, a Fort Worth-based company with a workforce of around 200 across five offices in Fort Worth, Frisco, Austin, Dallas, and Las Vegas, and clientele that includes influential companies like Hillwood.

The procurement of Peloton is in alignment with Westwood’s long-term strategic vision to broaden its markets and services, as cited in a recent news release. Peloton Land Solutions has significant contributions as a planner and engineer for AllianceTexas, a sprawling 27,000-acre mixed-use master-planned development by Hillwood, along with several other significant projects throughout North Texas.

In the previous year, Westwood expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of Pacheco Koch Consulting Engineers, a firm specializing in engineering, surveying, and landscape architecture, and the 12th largest of its kind in North Texas at the time of acquisition.

“Where high population centers are, that’s where we want to invest…” he said. “Because of that, we’ll continue to invest heavily in the DFW market and Texas.”

Plano is becoming real business hub in North Texas as growing number of firms are moving in the city

The relocation of Westwood’s headquarters underscores yet another significant economic development victory for Plano, a city known for its proclivity to attract major corporate transitions. Earlier this year in March, Fisher Investments, a leading wealth management firm, announced its decision to shift its headquarters from Washington to its existing Plano office, further bolstering the city’s corporate allure.

Yesterday, Dallas Metro News reported that California real estate firm Hughes Marino opened an office in Dallas which marked its Texas.

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