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North Texas’ very first gardening supply company, Marshall Grain Co., is moving to a new, as yet undisclosed, location

Fort Worth, Texas – A milestone transition is afoot in North Texas’s gardening industry. Marshall Grain Co., a 76-year-old stalwart and one of the pioneers of gardening supply companies, is preparing for a major move. This notable entity, known for its dedication to organic gardening and pet supplies, is poised to vacate its Grapevine location where it has planted roots for a commendable 15 years, a press release reveals.

Jim Connelley, the firm’s president, unveils the rationale behind the imminent relocation. The company has been contemplatively charting the course of this move for several months, driven by an impending expiration of its current lease at 3525 William D Tate Avenue. In a well-orchestrated sequence of events, the first phase sees the company’s migration to a temporary base, paving the way to an eventual settlement at a permanent facility. The latter, a significant upgrade, promises to encompass a comprehensive infrastructure comprising a greenhouse, nursery, covered warehouse, and corporate offices. This novel establishment will serve as the hub for Marshall Grain’s landscape services operation.

In the interim, the company has inked a lease for a makeshift location at 3417 Raider Drive Suite 9 in Hurst. While this transitional site will not host any retail outlets, the firm pledges to keep its services operational through online platforms and Shop-By-Phone features. Alongside free curbside pickup, the company is also rolling out local delivery services to a range of locales, including Colleyville, Grapevine, Southlake, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, and further afield for an extra fee. Uncertain about your area’s inclusion? The company’s existing telephone line – 817-416-6600 – remains a constant during this phase, eager to address any customer queries.

The company’s history is marked by a series of migrations across various Fort Worth locales, including an interesting stint in the stockyards. Its genesis dates back to 1946 on East Lancaster Avenue, a mere two miles east of downtown. Conceived by C. B. Marshall, a visionary who pioneered egg supply to the city of Fort Worth from a downtown store in 1914, Marshall Grain Co. has always been a trendsetter. It made a bold move in the 1980s by becoming one of the first in North Texas to adopt organic gardening supplies, growing into the largest organic garden center in the region. March 2009 saw the company open its doors at its Grapevine location.

Today, the firm’s reputation endures. It boasts a rich nursery teeming with Texas native plants and adaptives that flourish in the stringent North Texas climate, in addition to in-season herbs and vegetables, tropical and house plants. Its eclectic offerings extend to organic gardening supplies, like fertilizers, weed controls, soil amendments, mulches, insect controls, gardening tools, wild bird supplies, and a diverse array of yard art and select pet supplies. As the firm embraces this exciting chapter, it continues to uphold its commitment to supply the best in organic gardening, aligning its rich heritage with a vibrant future.

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