Oforitsenere Bodunrin, 14, is about to graduate from Martin High School part of Arlington ISD

Arlington, Texas – In an inspiring testament to precocious talent and dogged determination, Oforitsenere Bodunrin, who entered Martin High School’s hallways at the tender age of 10, now stands poised at the precipice of her graduation ceremony at the age of 14.

“It feels good to be graduating with the class of 2023,” Bodunrin said. “It’s interesting to be in this position because sometimes I compare myself to my peers who are older but then I think about it and realize graduating at 14 is a huge accomplishment.”

Her tenure at Martin High was anything but ordinary. Within the span of four years, Bodunrin accrued an impressive roster of leadership roles and accolades. As President of the Key Club, she exemplified service and stewardship.

She offered her editorial prowess to the Martin Student News, while simultaneously curating important milestones as a historian for the Black Student Union (BSU). In addition, her journey saw her rising to a state finalist’s position in the Future Business Leaders of America competition, asserting her cinematic sensibilities as president of the Filmmaker’s Society, and contributing to the preservation of artistic achievement as historian for the National Art Honors Society.

As her high school days draw to a close, Bodunrin is ready to embark on the next leg of her academic odyssey, setting her sights on the University of Texas at Arlington. Her aspirations include an intersection of computer science and aviation, a passion sparked by a freshman seminar and further fueled by her elder sister, Fifehanmi Bodunrin. Fifehanmi, also a prodigious graduate from Martin at 14, is presently carving out her path in the skies as a pilot-in-training at LeTourneau University.

The roots of Bodunrin’s resilience and dedication, however, can be traced back to her parents. Their unwavering support and insistence on tenacity have catalyzed not just one, but two success stories, cementing their commitment to nurturing an environment of resilience and dedication in their children.

“Oforitsenere getting out of school so early is a huge accomplishment,” said Bawo Bodurin, Oforitsenere’s mother. “I am incredibly grateful for schools like Martin in Arlington ISD.”

Despite her success, it wasn’t easy for Bodunrin when she first started at Martin. It was a struggle for her to come out of her shell as a 10-year-old. But her AP human geography and African American studies teacher, Gerri Brown, offered guidance and support that helped her on her journey.

“Oforitsenere is an outstanding student, she did everything she needed to do to ensure she was successful,” Brown said. “She always participated in class even though she was so young, and I adored that. I am so remarkably proud of Oforitsenere. She has been fun, sweet and studious as a student and leader, and I can’t wait to see what she will do. I know she will save the world.”

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