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Parlor Doughnuts set to open store in Flower Mound as soon as this summer

Flower Mound, Texas – Renowned for its innovative twist on traditional pastries, Parlor Doughnuts is set to expand its footprint into Flower Mound. The celebrated brand, having first unfurled its banner in Evansville, Indiana in 2019, has made a name for itself by dishing out an enticing variety of croissant-doughnut hybrids, along with an array of other gastronomic delights.

Cindy Gaston, an emerging franchisee, confided her plans to What Now Dallas about launching the first Parlor Doughnuts outlet in Flower Mound. She has pinpointed 1450 Long Prairie Rd., Suite 110 as the prospective location and is looking at a possible summertime debut, with July being the tentative timeline.

This ambitious venture is Gaston’s inaugural endeavor with Parlor Doughnuts, although she has secured a broader agreement with the brand, allowing her jurisdiction over Denton County.

“I’m hoping to open a few more,” Cindy Gaston told What Now Dallas.

In describing her motivation for associating with the brand, Gaston emphasized the exceptional distinctiveness of the product offering.

“They’re not like your regular doughnuts. They are croissant doughnuts. They have like 20 different flavors,” Gaston said.

Parlor Doughnuts – About the menu

The taste palette promises to be expansive, with a plethora of flavors on the menu, including the indulgent Churro, a fruity Strawberry Shortcake, the savory-sweet amalgamation of Maple Bacon, and the universally beloved Cookies ‘N Cream.

In addition to this, Parlor Doughnuts ups the ante with its diverse menu, including twenty tantalizing varieties of Doughboy Milkshakes. The offering doesn’t stop there, though; guests can also satiate their taste buds with an array of sandwiches, a selection of juices and probiotic-rich kombucha, and a broad spectrum of caffeinated beverages.

“I think it will do well,” Gaston concluded.

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