Part of $103 million Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant to be used by DART for fleet modernization

Dallas, Texas – In an exciting stride toward urban sustainability, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is set to witness a significant overhaul of its bus fleet, thanks to a monumental grant of $103 million bequeathed by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

The crucial financial endorsement comes as a result of an impassioned letter of advocacy penned by U.S. Representative Colin Allred to the FTA, aligning with the goals encapsulated in the influential Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

As per current forecasts, this legislation stands poised to channel an estimated $35 billion into the Texan infrastructure sector over the ensuing half-decade, with a notable allocation of $15 billion already in the pipeline.

“Because of our rapid growth, we need investments to bolster our local infrastructure and create more options for Texans to get where they need to go,” said Allred.

“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was the single largest investment in transit ever, and this grant will help DART and other transit agencies modernize and upgrade their bus fleet to keep our cities healthier and thriving for generations to come. This is a great example of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law delivering for Texas, and I will keep working to ensure it continues to deliver.”

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grants DART $103 million for fleet modernization, 186 vehicles to be replaced

The ecological implications of this financial injection are noteworthy, with plans to usher in low or zero-emission buses, replacing roughly 186 vehicles, as stated in a press release from Allred’s office.

“This grant will provide us the opportunity to replace a large portion of the oldest buses in our fleet, which is critical to maintaining a reliable transit system for our riders and providing a seamless customer experience,” shared Nadine Lee, DART president and CEO.

But the windfall is not confined to DART alone. Other transit agencies scattered across Texas – from Beaumont and Harris County to San Antonio and Waco – are set to partake in an aggregate allocation exceeding $183.8 million as part of a series of upcoming grant proclamations.

Adding another feather to DART’s cap, Allred unveiled on June 23 that the organization would be the recipient of a generous $25 million RAISE Grant, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Transportation. This particular project aims to finance the creation of a 5.2-mile shared-use trail spanning Dallas and Plano, further underlining the transformative urban advancements in the pipeline.

Read the full grant list here.

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