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PGA of America and its catering partner have donated more than 1,500 pounds of leftover food

Frisco, Texas – In an act of charitable conservation, the PGA of America and its culinary collaborator, Patina Restaurant Group, have ensured that excess food from the recent Senior PGA Championship will serve a purpose far beyond the confines of a golf course. The altruistic organizations have coordinated to donate more than 1,500 pounds of surplus cuisine to Frisco Family Services, a local non-profit dedicated to supporting struggling families.

The championship unfolded last weekend at the Fields Ranch East course, a pristine jewel in the crown of Frisco’s burgeoning golfing scene. This course resides within the verdant confines of PGA of America’s newly minted headquarters, serving as both a testament to the organization’s commitment to the sport and a harbinger of the region’s future golfing potential.

The tournament was an exhibition of golfing excellence, with a lineup of top-tier over-50 athletes competing for supremacy. The climactic moment arrived when golfing maestro Steve Stricker seized the coveted top prize, yet the true resonance of the event extended far beyond the neatly manicured greens.

The significant food donation, comprised of a delectable variety of fresh meats, produce, condiments, and individually packaged snacks, has been estimated to yield more than 1,300 meals for local families. This altruistic act stands as a testament to the community-wide impact of the championship, proving its value extends far beyond mere sport.

This premier event marked the first major tournament at the newly established Frisco course since the PGA of America relocated its headquarters to North Texas. PGA officials, demonstrating their bullish optimism for the area’s golfing future, expressed their projection of a staggering $2.5 billion impact on the local economy over the ensuing two decades. This forecast is buttressed by an ambitious schedule already in place to host a series of tournaments at these impressive courses.

In addition to the thrilling senior championship, the weekend also provided an educational opportunity for younger enthusiasts. Over 130 PGA Jr. League golfers descended upon the course to glean insights from the tournament’s elite competitors, tour the state-of-the-art headquarters, and acclimatize to the stunning new course. This intermingling of seasoned pros and burgeoning talent serves as a fitting symbol of the PGA’s ongoing commitment to fostering the future of golf.

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