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Plano City Council approved nearly $3 million for roadways overlays

Plano, Texas – In a significant stride toward infrastructure improvement, the Plano City Council has given its stamp of approval on a contract valued nearly at $2.9 million with FNH Construction LLC. The decision, passed during the Council’s meeting on June 26th, signals the commencement of several key road renovation projects.

The $3 million approval should cover several Plano roadways overlays projects

A council memo, that serves as a reference point, outlines the roads which are slated for refurbishment through the process of overlays. These include Los Rios Boulevard, extending from 14th Street to Merriman Road; Parker Road, from the eastern city limits to Spring Creek Parkway; and Plano Parkway, tracing its path from Los Rios Boulevard to a point just west of the east city limits.

The extensive project entails a comprehensive overlaying of a notable 4.2-mile stretch across the earmarked roads, ensuring improved and safer travel for motorists.

In an intriguing twist, the ratified contract will also provide for the acquisition of equipment that the city presently lacks, finds impractical to store, or is unable to operate or maintain. An additional contingency budget of $454,275 has been allocated to cater to prospective expenditures that might emerge in the future.

This resolution promises a significant overhaul in the city’s road infrastructure, combining resources, expertise, and strategic planning to effect a substantial enhancement in the city’s transportation landscape.

There are several major road developments ongoing in the North Texas area

According to recent reports, several other major redevelopments are happening in the North Texas area. The city of Fort Worth was approved $20 million federal grant for East Lancaster Avenue significant redevelopment, while Town of Prosper and the City of Celina celebrate the grand opening of the newly expanded Frontier Parkway earlier this week.

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