Playground Park Joya: One-of-a-kind family experience is coming to Dallas County

Dallas, Texas – In a novel addition to its already expansive array of family entertainment, North Texas embraces a fresh, luminescent venture. The Parks and Recreation Department of Farmers Branch recently disclosed the inauguration of the nation’s pioneering glow-in-the-dark playground on Monday that will be located in Farmers Branch.

The playground park Joya means “jewel: in Spanish

Sprawling across an impressive 18,000 square feet, this novel playscape—christened ‘Joya’, the Spanish equivalent of ‘jewel’—promises traditional playground merriment under the sun, ingeniously transmuting into a luminous wonderland adorned with glowing features as dusk descends, thereby extending the possibilities for nocturnal recreation.

Farmers Branch, taking pride in its moniker, “City in a Park”, already boasts 27 lush parks, 13 playgrounds, and a thriving natural reserve within its municipal confines. The town’s officials elucidate the choice of the moniker Joya on their digital platform, articulating that despite the city being abundant with parks, Joya is anticipated to shine as the crown jewel of Farmers Branch.

Joya to be located in Oran Good Park, at the corner of Tom Field Road and Valley View Lane

Strategically situated in Oran Good Park, at the corner of Tom Field Road and Valley View Lane, the avant-garde playground is meticulously embellished with LED lights. Its attractions range from a towering 27-foot climbing sphere—meticulously designed with six tiers of climbing and cloaked in a dense mesh—to swings, slides, a rigorous obstacle course, ziplines, a spin zone bathed in LED lights, and seating arrangements that eerily glow in the night. Adding to the inclusive nature of the park is a 7,000-foot toddler playground, complete with a natural sensory play area.

Joya promises to serve as an engaging platform for diverse programming on specified days. This would encompass family-oriented events, artistic and cultural celebrations, and a host of educational undertakings. The conception of this unique playground was born out of meticulous data analysis sourced from focus group discussions with children—dubbed the bona fide “fun experts” by the officials.

Joya is set to open in the fall months

The seeds for this ground-breaking project were sown in November 2021 when council members gave it their assent. Funding was procured via a combination of federal and state grants, including allocations from the Federal American Rescue Plan Act, State of Texas Parks and Wildlife, supplemented by matching city funds. Joya is anticipated to throw open its gates to the public come fall.

This innovative venture follows on the heels of the recent announcement by North Richland Hills, another city in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, regarding the imminent launch of a Peppa Pig Theme Park—the second such installation nationwide. This news was closely followed by the disclosure that Universal Studios was poised to unveil its first-ever child-centric theme park in Frisco.

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