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Police officer sues after facial injury during training shooting

A lawsuit has been filed by a police officer in Tarrant County against a training company after being shot in the face during an active shooter training drill. The incident occurred at Forest Hill’s David K. Sellars Elementary last November, where Sansom Park police officer, Lina Mino sustained severe injury.

According to reports, Officer Mino was blinded in her left eye and suffered a brain injury during the exercise. Her lawsuit has accused the training company of failing to check for live ammunition at the simulation during the drill, leading to her severe injuries.

The training instructor involved in the event has been placed on leave from his job as a Johnson County deputy constable. The Texas Rangers investigated the incident, but no criminal charges have been filed against the deputy constable.

The lawsuit filed by Officer Mino seeks more than $1 million in damages. The impact of the incident has been severe, not only on Officer Mino but also on her family and the community as a whole. An investigation into the matter is ongoing, and parties involved will continue to follow due process.

Fundraisers have been held for Officer Mino, and the community has shown its support as she recovers from her injuries. This serves as a reminder of the risks that come with a career in law enforcement and highlights the importance of thorough safety checks, especially during training exercises.

Officer Mino’s case has drawn attention to the issue of safety and the need for proper training, and authorities on all levels should ensure that necessary steps are taken to avoid such incidents in the future. The hope is that this lawsuit will bring positive change in safety policies and practices for future law enforcement training.

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