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‘Reflex’ from Austin Assists Retailers in Finding Employees

A startup in Austin is emerging as a ray of hope towards addressing one of the biggest challenges of the retail industry – a labor shortage. Groundbreaking news indeed, considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on economies world over. Reflex, the innovative platform, is offering a solution that empowers retail workers with full control over their work hours and location.

The Reflex platform offers retail workers the opportunity to select shifts based on their preferred brand preferences and the hours they would like to work. They are rewarded directly by the platform for their services, providing an incentive that is unmatched by traditional employers. In addition to this, all payments are made promptly within 24 hours, ensuring a record turnover of workers seeking an income in the retail industry.

The Founder of Reflex, Meyers, highlights how the innovative platform’s model is advantageous to its users, being that they can provide their services through the platform at will, without any commitments or obligations to their preferred brands. The proven success of this start-up is marked, two years since its launch in 2019, with 60 shops partnering with the company, providing services in the Dallas, Austin, and Houston areas.

The Reflex start-up is destined to introduce a new normal in the retail industry’s workforce demographics as it offers an avenue for the skilled workforce to cater to the industry’s needs on a project basis. By providing a smooth connection between retail giants, who are in dire need of skilled labor as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, this start-up has the potential to change the industry landscape entirely.

In conclusion, with Reflex’s innovation, the bleak outlook of the retail industry can now experience a complete turnaround with retail workers enjoying the financial independence to work at their convenience while offering top-notch services to assure their customers of job satisfaction. The start-up has emerged as an industry leader, an innovative platform that addresses the labor shortage crisis and offers workers camaraderie to participate in different brands without constraints.

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