Richardson ISD is expanding their cell-phone free pilot program for next student year following good results

Richardson , Texas – In a recent discourse delivered on June 8, the Board of Trustees for the Richardson Independent School District (RISD) convened to assess the success of the inaugural cellphone-free policy for students that spanned the 2022-23 academic term.

The examination involved an array of evidence, encompassing both disciplinary records and poll data, as well as testimonials from several key campus authorities. The consensus among educators was the policy’s remarkable capacity to restore an emphasis on academics in the classroom, as instances of disciplinary action tied to student cellphone use showed a perceptible decline.

Of particular note was the empirical evidence provided by Forest Meadow Junior High (FMJH), the pioneering campus that participated in the Yondr pouch initiative throughout the 2022-23 term. The data illustrated a stark drop in disciplinary episodes related to cellphone misuse, standing in sharp contrast to the trends reported by other secondary establishments within RISD.

In an engaging dialogue, the Area Superintendent for Lake Highlands illuminated the resoundingly positive influence the pilot scheme exerted on both the student body and faculty members.

In an overwhelmingly positive response, every FMJH teacher that took part in a subsequent survey affirmed that the scheme had led to an augmentation of academic engagement in their classrooms. Equally unanimous was the sentiment that the school should perpetuate its involvement with the Yondr pilot in the 2023-24 academic term. As a testament to the program’s perceived success, four more secondary campuses within RISD have expressed their desire to incorporate the Yondr pilot in their operations for the forthcoming 2023-24 school year.

Given the compelling evidence of its efficacy, it has been confirmed that the student cellphone-free policy will be upheld across all RISD campuses throughout the 2023-24 term.

For those seeking a more comprehensive understanding of the issue, the entire discourse and presentation from the June 8 Board discussion can be accessed for viewing.

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