Rick Westfall, Keller ISD superintendent appointed in 2017, announces retirement

Keller, Texas – In a development that contributes to the ongoing executive reshuffle within the North Texas educational landscape, yet another senior official has chosen to vacate their seat.

Rick Westfall, a highly respected figure who has steered the helm at Keller Independent School District as Superintendent since 2017, revealed his decision to retire at the close of 2023. The announcement arrived in the form of an email addressed to the district, outlining his intention to seek the approval of the district’s board of trustees before formally retiring.

Before assuming the top post at Keller ISD, Westfall gained extensive experience within the educational sector. His prior tenure includes six fruitful years as the Deputy Superintendent at Grapevine-Colleyville ISD. He also made his mark as principal of Keller High School, an influential role he held from 2008 to 2011. Overall, Westfall can look back on nine accumulative years of committed service within the Keller ISD’s educational echelons.

Although Westfall’s decision ushers in a period of transition, he has expressed a strong desire to ensure a smooth handover. According to his email, he plans to remain on Keller ISD’s payroll, fulfilling his duties as Superintendent until the end of 2023 and supporting the shift in leadership.

“I am making this announcement now to allow our Board of Trustees time to begin the selection process of a new Superintendent,” Westfall wrote in his email to Keller ISD parents, as reported by WFAA.

His retirement plans will make their official debut on the agenda at the upcoming Keller ISD Board meeting scheduled for this Monday.

“Deciding to retire at this time was definitely a difficult decision, but one that I ultimately felt was best after much prayer and consultation with my family,” Westfall wrote in his email to Keller ISD parents.

Under his tenure as Keller ISD Superintendent, Westfall has had some impressive accomplishments to his credit. This includes spearheading a $315 million bond proposal and, as stated in his online biography, presiding over the District Visioning process, an initiative that incorporated the perspectives of thousands of stakeholders and led to a redefinition of Keller ISD values.

“Keller ISD is a truly exceptional school district, and the credit for its outstanding reputation lies not only with our fantastic students and supportive families, but with our dedicated and caring teachers and staff,” Westfall said in his email. “I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to lead such an amazing District and work alongside so many talented educators who daily live out our mission to educate students to achieve, inspire them to dream, and challenge them to grow so that they are prepared to be productive members of the community in which they learn, live, and work.”

The previous year has been characterized by significant transformations within the Keller Independent School District. Monday night witnessed the implementation of a new set of guidelines, offering a fresh perspective on determining the suitability of materials within school libraries. The district’s board also endorsed a policy that expands the safety measures, allowing educators and staff members the right to carry firearms on school premises.

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