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Rockwall Christmas Company runs a giveaway and everyone can join multiple times

Rockwall, Texas — Exciting news: the local Rockwall Christmas Company is giving away a special Christmas box full of holiday decorations! The Fisher family, who has lived in Rockwall for over 20 years, is behind the company and its success. It’s not just a shop but a part of the town’s holiday traditions.

According to Rockwall News, this year, they’re doing something extra special. They’re giving away a Christmas box filled with over 100 holiday decorations, all hand-picked. This box, worth $395, will make any home look festive and bright.

Want to join in? You need to act fast because the contest ends on October 31, 2023. To enter, just click on this link, fill in some personal details, and you’re done. You can even enter every day to increase your chances of winning.

The Rockwall Christmas Company, started by the Fishers, shows how much small businesses can contribute to their community. They put care and love into each product, making them unique compared to what you might find at big stores.

The Fisher family loves Christmas and enjoys decorating their home together. They understand that the holidays can be a tough time for many families, so they put extra thought and care into these Christmas boxes to help others save money and time. Each box is inspired by classic Christmas songs and comes in four different designs, each highlighting a different aspect of the holiday season.

What makes these Christmas boxes special isn’t just the number of items inside, but the quality and the stories they tell. The themes are based on the family’s favorite Christmas songs, adding a personal touch.

But this giveaway is more than just a contest. It’s the Fishers’ way of giving back to the community, making sure everyone can enjoy the magic of Christmas. They’re not just keeping traditions alive; they’re helping families create new memories together.

And good news – the giveaway is open to everyone in the country! So, don’t miss your chance to win one of these fantastic Rockwall Christmas boxes and be part of a happy Christmas tradition right here in Rockwall.

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