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Rockwall County high-speed chase that ended in Garland claims two lives

Garland, Texas — In an incident fraught with high velocity and lethal outcomes, a high-speed pursuit spearheaded by a Rockwall County sheriff’s deputy culminated in the untimely demise of two individuals in the early hours of Thursday, authorities have confirmed.

The identities of the victims remain unknown

The individuals, whose identities remain undisclosed pending notification of next of kin, were occupying a Dodge Charger, the object of the deputy’s chase. Fortunately, the law enforcement officer emerged from the harrowing ordeal uninjured.

The incipient stages of this high-stakes chase were set just after the stroke of midnight on the service road adjacent to Interstate 30 in Rockwall County. A deputy, patrolling the area, happened upon an assemblage of three vehicles situated at the side of the road, their headlights conspicuously extinguished. Shortly thereafter, a second deputy managed to pinpoint the locations of these vehicles and observed them committing multiple traffic infractions, as per an official announcement disseminated by the sheriff’s department.

Upon activation of his patrol lights, the deputy found himself in a scenario evocative of scattering billiards: the vehicles diverged, each taking a distinct path. Opting for strategic focus rather than diffusion of effort, the deputy chose to pursue a black Dodge Charger, which was then in the process of navigating northward along Texas State Highway 205.

Veering west onto Texas State Highway 78, the Charger traversed the jurisdictions of Wylie and Sachse before attempting to merge onto the President George Bush Turnpike. It was at this juncture that the vehicle met its cataclysmic fate—colliding perniciously with a concrete barrier, subsequently catching fire upon impact.

One person was pronounced dead on the scene, the second one died in hospital

Tragically, both the male and female occupants of the vehicle succumbed to their injuries: one expiring at the locus of the incident, the other succumbing later at a nearby hospital. Officers from the Garland Police Department, who responded to the calamitous scene but were not participants in the original chase, corroborated that the Charger had careened off the highway’s exit ramp before erupting into flames.

Further investigation unearthed unsettling details, revealing that all three vehicles originally embroiled in the nocturnal episode were reported as stolen. The Charger was traced back to Lewisville, while a Chevrolet Silverado was stolen from Rockwall. A Chevrolet Camaro remains conspicuously unaccounted for.

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