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Security guard shot dead as gunman breaks into cars at Preston Center

Dallas Police Launch Investigation into Deadly Shooting at Preston Center Plaza

Police in Dallas have launched an investigation into a shooting incident which occurred at the Preston Center Plaza at Preston Road and Northwest Highway on a busy day. The unfortunate incident claimed the life of a security guard who was on duty at the plaza. The police have urged anyone who has information that may lead to the arrest of suspects to come forward and help in the investigation.

According to the police report, the security guard met his untimely death when he confronted a man breaking into a car at the shopping center. The suspect fired shots at him, and the guard was fatally injured. Immediately after the shooting, witnesses called for help, and several officers responded promptly to the scene. The authorities cordoned off the area and began combing it thoroughly for evidence.

The authorities have been focusing their search for the gunman on the second floor of the parking garage at Preston Center Plaza, as this is considered to be the most likely location where the suspect may have fled. People who were working when the shooting occurred have expressed shock and disbelief since the area is generally considered to be safe.

Bruce Cameron, a former law enforcement officer, was in his office when he heard the gunshots. He immediately recognized the sound and alerted the authorities. Cameron shared a video recording from his office window with FOX 4, showing the chaos that erupted after the shooting. Another witness, Leah Schweitzer, who was working at her salon just around the corner from the parking garage, said that the incident was shocking, and she was taken aback.

Police have since released a statement where they confirmed that the security guard was rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead upon arrival. The shooting incident has raised concerns about the level of security at the Preston shopping center. Meanwhile, the search for the suspect who is said to have driven off in a gold Toyota Camry without leaving any further description is still ongoing.

As investigations continue to unravel the circumstances surrounding the deadly shooting, it is clear that the incident has disrupted the serenity of the area and left many concerned about the level of safety in the area. People close to the scene have reiterated that anything can happen anywhere, and it’s important to stay alert at all times.

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