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Security Increased as Students Return to Thomas Jefferson High School after Shooting

Extra security measures have been implemented at Thomas Jefferson High School in Dallas, where students are returning to class following Tuesday’s on-campus shooting that left one student injured. The incident took place in the parking lot after classes were dismissed on Tuesday afternoon, with two individuals pulling up to the student, who was standing in the lot and opening fire on them. While the suspects fled the scene, it was reported Wednesday night that a suspect had been arrested for the unacceptable act.

The injured student was reportedly hit in the arm, but thankfully, his condition is stable, as per reports received on Wednesday evening. While the principal of the school declined to comment on the student’s condition, the Dallas ISD Superintendent Dr. Stephanie Elizalde announced that the student was expected to survive.

While describing the incident as an isolated crime, Elizalde acknowledged the need for increased security measures on the campus. She announced that the school would be closed on Wednesday to investigate further and implement better safety measures for students. The Superintendent also revealed that the event had been captured on campus security cameras, but the video has not yet been released to the public.

The Dallas ISD police department is leading the investigation, and the Dallas Police Department has offered its support. In a letter to parents, no further details were provided regarding the arrest, nor was any information shared about the suspects’ intentions or their arrest.

Dr. Elizalde said that the school district would look into long-term means of securing campus parking lots and urged the state legislature to expand funding for school safety. Meanwhile, TJHS’s principal Ben Jones expressed his confidence in the strength of the TJ family, stating that the school would continue to be fine. Elizalde reassured parents that in the weeks to come, there would be an increased police presence on campus to ensure the safety of the students.

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