Sexually-oriented businesses in Tarrant County will operate under new, stricter regulations in the future

Tarrant County, Texas – In a unanimous and definitive move, the governing body of Tarrant County has enacted fresh regulations concerning local businesses identified as “sexually oriented,” a move spurred on by a tragic incident of violence at Temptations Strip Club last month.

This regulation overhaul stems from a grave incident that rocked the community – the deadly shooting that occurred at the Temptations Strip Club. Consequently, the authorities felt compelled to enact stricter regulations, responding to the demand for better governance of such establishments.

Endorsing the updated regulations, the county commissioners gave their unanimous assent, a decision arrived at after an intensive executive session lasting approximately two hours. This deliberative process saw them seeking legal insight from county attorneys to ensure their actions were well-informed and judicious.

These amendments – a detailed refinement to existing legislation – focus primarily on those sexually oriented businesses nestled within the unincorporated expanses of Tarrant County. The overarching intention is to tighten control, ensure safety, and instil a sense of security in the local community.

The catalyst for these regulatory changes traces back to the county’s legal initiative to permanently shutter the notorious Temptations Cabaret, a venue infamous for its nude entertainment. This establishment, over the years, has been an unwanted focal point of numerous emergency calls and an unfortunate host to a gamut of criminal activities ranging from illicit drug use to brutal stabbings and murder.

Amongst the assortment of legislative adjustments, the most salient amendment pertains to the operational hours of such businesses. The newly enacted law notably curtails the number of hours that these sexually oriented enterprises can function, an effort aimed at reducing potential harm and curbing unlawful activities.

“We determined the problematic hours for criminal activity was proliferating was between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.,” said Commissioner Manny Ramirez.

“So in order to make sure we are doing everything in our power to keep our community safe, we recognized that any businesses that want to apply for a sexually oriented business license in unincorporated Tarrant County now or in the future, they are going to have to play within those bumper rails and time constraints. And that’s a tool we thought was absolutely necessary to make sure this never happens again.”

The recent amendments to the legislation stipulate that businesses categorized as sexually oriented must cease operations by 1 a.m. Furthermore, it is mandated that any parking facility linked to such a business must be devoid of vehicles by 1:15 a.m.

In addition, Tarrant County has set a hearing for June 21 concerning Temptations Cabaret. This impending deliberation could potentially culminate in the revocation of the club’s operating permit.

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