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Shaping Dallas’s future: Dallas launches virtual open houses to sculpt $1 billion bond package, community input required

Dallas, Texas – In a bid to foster citizen participation in the shaping of its forthcoming proposed bond program, Dallas officials have inaugurated an online platform, allowing the city’s residents to voice their preferences and opinions on the allocation of bond funds. The initiative, which comes ahead of a projected $1 billion 2024 bond package, demonstrates an extension of the city’s commitment to transparent governance and public engagement.

The City of Dallas seeks community input in allocating the funds

The online survey, meticulously crafted by the city authorities, solicits residents’ insights on how they would apportion $1,000 across a diverse array of critical urban sectors. These encompass streets and transportation, parks and trails, flood and erosion control, libraries, housing, public safety, cultural arts, city facilities, homeless assistance, information technology, and economic development.

This democratic approach to financial governance marks a continuation from the last city bond program in 2017, which saw the passage of a $1.05 billion bond, inclusive of 10 propositions on matters ranging from Fair Park enhancements to flood protection, storm drainage, and facilities for homeless assistance. As per information disclosed on the city’s official website, nearly $487 million has been allocated from that particular bond package.

The City of Dallas will also open virtual open houses later this month, in September and October

In an effort to ensure an exhaustive understanding of community needs, Dallas officials are not solely relying on online feedback. A series of virtual open houses are scheduled to provide residents with opportunities to discuss concerns and share viewpoints, with forthcoming dates slated for Aug. 17, Sept. 21, and Oct. 19, all at 6 p.m. local time.

The culmination of these diverse inputs will culminate in recommendations to be shared with both the Dallas City Council and the Community Bond Task Force—a committee comprising 15 council-appointed members. This meticulous process will pave the way for a bond election, anticipated to take place in May 2024, with official recommendations expected to be released in December.

Adding to the fiscal developments in the city, Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax has unveiled an ambitious $4.63 billion budget for the fiscal year 2023-24, complemented by a general fund budget amounting to $1.84 billion.

This financial blueprint signals an approximately 8.1% increase or $138 million over the previous fiscal year, focusing on eight salient priorities such as economic development, environment and sustainability, government performance and financial management, housing and homelessness solutions, public safety, quality of life, arts and culture, transportation and infrastructure, as well as workforce, education, and equity.

In a move likely to be viewed favorably by property owners, Broadnax is also recommending a modest reduction in the property tax rate from $0.7458 to $0.7393 per $100 valuation. The Dallas City Council, reflecting the democratic underpinnings of the city’s governance, is expected to render its decisive vote on the budget in late September.

This intricate tapestry of fiscal planning and civic engagement stands as a testament to Dallas’s commitment to sound governance, citizen participation, and responsible stewardship of public resources. The city’s proactive measures to include residents in the decision-making processes reflect a modern approach to urban management that values transparency, inclusivity, and the nuanced needs of a diverse community.

Meanwhile, a recent report showed that the City of Dallas is in dire need of at least 34,000 affordable housing units and a local coalition wants to change that.

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