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Sonic employee shot dead, man and boy arrested in Fort Worth.

A Sonic employee from Keene has been shot and killed, leading to the arrest of a 20-year-old man and a 12-year-old boy from Fort Worth, Texas. Following the tragic event, prison bars now separate Angel Gomez and the unnamed youthful culprit from freedom.

Matthew Davis was a 32-year-old worker at Sonic Drive-In who, as investigations have revealed, was involved in a heated argument with Gomez, the adult suspect. The quarrel arose due to Gomez’s alleged disorderly behavior in the parking lot of the establishment. Ultimately, the altercation led to physical violence, which would cost Davis his life. The juvenile, who was riding with Gomez, emerged from the vehicle with an AR-style weapon and fired approximately six rounds at the Sonic employee lying on the pavement.

Davis sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to Harris Methodist Hospital, where he passed away. Officers were alerted to the shooting at approximately 9:40 pm on May 13, and upon their arrival, found Davis on the ground with severe injuries. The suspects quickly fled the area, although Gomez later returned to the scene and was taken into custody. The police were able to catch up with the 12-year-old in Rio Vista and arrest him.

The identity of the young gunman is being withheld from the public due to their age. Alexis Wainwright, a correspondent from CBS News Texas who covered the development, reported that the juvenile is charged with murder alongside Gomez. It will be seen if their attorney will fight this charge by citing the young age of the suspect.

The violent altercation has shaken the city of Keene, leaving its residents to deal with the reality of a young person participating in grievous criminal activities. Sonic fans in the area have voiced their grief and condolences to Davis’s relatives and loved ones. May Davis rest in peace.

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