‘Summer of Safety’ initiative: City of Dallas is giving away up to 10,000 all-access passes for free to teenagers

Dallas, Texas – In a proactive endeavor to ensure the safety and engagement of teenagers during the sun-soaked, potentially troublesome summer months, Dallas city officials are ardently encouraging families to participate in their innovative summer program. A unique initiative, it proposes to distribute up to 10,000 all-encompassing admission passes, granting teens access to a selection of the city’s most sought-after attractions.

‘Summer of Safety’ includes free admission to Dallas most popular attractions

It gives them free admission to attractions like the Dallas Zoo, Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, the African American Museum at Fair Park, and the Dallas Arboretum. This year, the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza has been added to the list of participating museums. There’s also a water park and Shakespeare Dallas on the list.

‘Summer of Safety’ is available for teenagers aged 13 to 17 years

Bearing the moniker ‘Summer of Safety,’ this initiative marks the city’s strategic move to deter the surge in crime that traditionally comes with the advent of the summer season. The primary focus of this initiative is to maintain a safe haven for teens aged 13 to 17 years, although there lingers a palpable apprehension regarding its reach to those youngsters deemed most vulnerable to risky behaviors.

Incepting on July 3, the ‘Teen All Access Pass’ program, a salient facet of this initiative, presents an open invitation to teenagers aged 13 to 17 years. The proposal extends free admission to a coterie of more than ten cultural and recreational hotspots sprinkled throughout Dallas.

Recreational centers conveniently located in their neighborhoods serve as the collection points for the teenagers to obtain their passes.

“You can go to any one of our 40 recreation centers to pick up a pass as long as supplies last,” said Steven Baker, superintendent of the Dallas Parks & Recreation Department. “It’s limited to one pass per teen and if a household has multiple teens in it, each teen is eligible to get a pass.”

This year ‘Summer of Safety’ will operate for third consecutive year

This ground-breaking program, currently in its third operational year, has already witnessed significant success, with approximately 8,000 teens availing of the free passes last year, as per Baker’s account.

In an optimistic forecast, the city officials are aspiring for the utilization of all 10,000 passes this year, echoing their steadfast commitment to fostering a safe and engaging environment for the city’s youth this summer.

Baker says he hopes “youth will learn something about our city and feel a little more welcome and feel part of it and just learn about what a great city and great resources we have in the city of Dallas.”

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