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Swimming lessons offered in Dallas and Fort Worth for children during the summer

Dallas, Texas — The golden halcyon days of summer 2023 have descended upon us, accompanying a surge of warmth that invites carefree indulgence in aquatic leisure. With this season, throngs of North Texans are anticipated to seek respite in the cool embrace of local water parks, both public and private swimming pools, as well as the picturesque lakes dotting the landscape.

Yet, it is of paramount importance to remember the necessity of safety amidst the sizzling season’s pleasures.

The Department of Family and Protective Services released chilling statistics last year, revealing that 76 young lives were claimed by accidental drowning in Texas alone, one of which involved an incident as innocuous as a bucket. This stark reminder is not to instill fear but to reinforce the significance of vigilance during water-based activities.

The present year has, thus far, witnessed a tragic repetition of the past, with 29 instances of child drownings having already occurred. These unfortunate incidents were scattered across the state, including two in Collin County, two in Tarrant County, and another in Ellis County.

In order to provide a safeguard against such regrettable circumstances, it is crucial to follow a set of water safety protocols designed to ensure the well-being of you and your progeny. Swim lessons, for instance, extend beyond mere instruction in stroke and form. They serve as a platform for imparting knowledge about appropriate aquatic attire and the invaluable skill of self-rescue in the event of an unexpected plunge.

Indeed, our love for summer and the playful activities it brings should not overshadow our responsibility to protect our loved ones and ourselves. With the right precautions and understanding, the joy of the season can be fully realized, unperturbed by unnecessary hazards. Summer is, after all, a time of merriment, a respite from the usual, not a harbinger of avoidable tragedies.

List of places to get swim lessons in DFW:


City of Dallas Park & Rec Dept

Emler Swim School

AquaMobile – At Home Swim Lessons

Fort Worth

Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coalition

Sigma Swimming (several locations)

YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

Fort Worth 

Cook Children’s Water Safety Club

Guide to Swim Lessons in Tarrant County

Aqua-Tots Swim Schools

Swim & Smile

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