Texas Baptist Men: The Dallas based organization that provides help to those in need for decades

Dallas, Texas – This past weekend, a team of disaster relief volunteers from Texas Baptist Men started their journey from Dallas to Little Rock to provide aid and comfort after a deadly tornado rampaged through the city. The group’s Director of Disaster Relief, David Wells, expressed that they have been vigilantly monitoring the weather and had volunteers on standby with the equipment ready to go if the need arose. The initial deployment crew included a command center and a large generator.

During the weekend, Texas Baptist Men crews were centered on assessing the damage caused by the tornadoes before additional volunteers were set to arrive in the upcoming days with power tools and a mobile kitchen. In Little Rock itself, the damages are extensive, with over 2,000 homes and businesses destroyed or damaged according to the mayor.

Texas Baptist Men have been quick to respond, and the team is ready and committed to stepping in to assist those who have lost confidence in the face of this tragedy. They aim to serve as a beacon of hope and aid to those in dire need.

What is Texas Baptist Men

Texas Baptist Men (TBM) is a Christian organization based in Dallas, Texas, that mobilizes Christ followers to change the world by meeting crucial needs after disasters, providing clean drinking water for people around the globe and equipping the next generation to make a difference for years to come.

TBM was founded in 1967 as a men’s ministry of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. It started with a group of men who wanted to share their skills and resources to help others in need. Since then, Texas Baptist Men has grown to include more than 17,000 volunteers from various backgrounds, ages and denominations who serve in various ministries.

Texas Baptist Men disaster relief program: Help, Hope, and Healing

One of the main ministries of Texas Baptist Men is disaster relief, which delivers help, hope and healing for millions of people affected by natural or man-made disasters. Texas Baptist Men has more than 5,000 trained disaster relief volunteers who can respond quickly and effectively to any situation. They provide services such as mass feeding, chainsaw work, debris removal, mud-out, ash-out, temporary roofing, shower units, laundry units, childcare and chaplaincy.

The water ministry

Another ministry of TBM is water ministry, which shares clean drinking water and the “living water” of Christ around the world. TBM has drilled more than 2,500 water wells in 80 countries, installed more than 12,000 community water systems in 35 countries and distributed more than 30,000 water filters in 75 countries. TBM also trains local leaders and churches to maintain and operate the water systems and share the gospel with their communities.

Texas Baptist Men – Statewide and Worldwide

Other ministries of TBM include builders, who construct camps, churches, cabinets and more for God’s glory; discipleship, which raises a new generation to change the world through Royal Ambassadors (RA), Challengers and Youth on Mission (YOM); and other special projects that address specific needs such as hunger relief, medical missions and prison ministry.

TBM has a headquarters in Dallas, Texas, where it operates a warehouse, a training center and an office. It also has regional offices in Amarillo, Austin, Beaumont/Port Arthur/Orange (BPAO), Corpus Christi/Rio Grande Valley (CCRGV), El Paso/Lubbock (EPLB), Fort Worth/Waco (FWWA), Houston/Galveston (HOGA), San Antonio (SA) and Tyler/Longview/Marshall (TYLM).

TBM is supported by donations from individuals, churches and organizations who share its vision and mission. TBM also partners with other local, national and international agencies such as Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC), North American Mission Board (NAMB), International Mission Board (IMB), Baptist World Alliance (BWA) and Samaritan’s Purse.

TBM invites anyone who wants to join its efforts to visit its website here, where they can learn more about its ministries, volunteer opportunities, training events and news updates. They can also follow its Facebook page here or call its phone number at (214) 275-1100.

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