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Texas hosts events for Medicaid coverage renewal.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has initiated a series of statewide pop-up events in an effort to urge beneficiaries of Medicaid coverage to renew their policies. Since the Public Health Emergency related to COVID-19 has concluded, Medicaid recipients are required to reapply for coverage. While Medicaid beneficiaries will be covered until their status is evaluated, it is critical that they reapply to avoid a lapse in coverage.

Recently, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission held its inaugural pop-up event in Dallas. Moon Yue was one of the approximately 200 individuals who visited the West Dallas Multi-Purpose Center with hopes of renewing their coverage. Yue stated that while they had applied for some part-time jobs, they had not received any responses. Estimates have suggested that up to 1.3 million Texans could lose or experience changes in their Medicaid coverage if their status has been altered.

Kelli Williams, the Interim Director of Community Outreach at the Texas Health & Human Services, explained that due to the end of continuous Medicaid coverage as of March 31, the commission is organizing pop-up renewal events across the state to direct people to local offices for enrollment. Williams emphasized that age and income requirements must be considered, and referrals to other programs would be provided as necessary.

County Commissioner John Wiley Price expressed concern over how the increased volume of Medicaid beneficiaries may impact Parkland––the county’s healthcare safety net––and the overall cost for Dallas County. Price urged the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to disclose the number of beneficiaries and the resulting financial impact on the county to better prepare and allocate resources.

Despite potential obstacles, Maria Guerra was able to renew her Medicaid coverage at one of the pop-up renewal centers. Guerra expressed relief that her children had coverage again, after originally applying twice. The pop-up events will be held at different locations across the state, with San Antonio, Denton, and Dallas as some of the upcoming locations.

While beneficiaries can also access online renewal applications, the pop-up events provide an opportunity for in-person assistance and information for those with questions or concerns. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission recognizes the significance of ensuring continued access to healthcare coverage and is actively taking steps to make enrollment more accessible. More Information regarding the Medicaid Renewal program can be accessed at the following link: https://yourtexasbenefits.com/Learn/Home

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