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Texas’ Most Popular Baby Names of 2022 Unveiled

The Social Security Administration of America has released the official list of the top five baby names in Texas for the year 2022. The agency compiles the baby name list since 1997, with names dating back to as early as 1880. Parents name their children upon applying for their Social Security card after a child’s birth. This annual list is considered a credible source as Social Security is America’s source for the most popular baby names.

Olivia has secured the top spot for girls for three consecutive years in Texas. It unseated Emma, the previous top pick for Texas parents in 2019. Olivia has also been the most popular name nationwide, with Emma at a close second. The top five female names in Texas remained unchanged over the last three years. Isabella and Mia held the lead over Camila in the 2019 list, with Camila securing the third position in the current year’s list.

Liam has been the preferred name for boys in Texas since 2018, with Noah leading the list in 2017. This trend is prevalent nationwide as well. Mateo has secured the third spot in the current year’s list, moving up one spot from the previous year. Sebastian follows at fourth position, while Santiago has climbed the ranks to secure the fifth spot, as Elijah fell out of the top five in the Texas list.

The agency’s website provides the complete list of baby names from the 19th century and beyond, which parents can check out online. These names provide a fascinating glimpse of the naming trends of each passing decade, and how they evolved over the years.

The Texas baby name list of 2022, with an unchanged top five for girls over the years, reflects the timeless quality of some names. The choice of names often reflects a parent’s cultural background, favored celebrity, or the desire for a unique name that sets their child apart in a crowded space. Nonetheless, the annual release of popular baby names offers a valuable insight into the changing tastes of American parents.

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